The Richard Yanni Story Part VII – Shoot the Messenger 2005-2007

Written By: Talk of the Sound News

This article is the seventh in a seven-part series on my experience as an educator in the City School District of New Rochelle where I worked for 8 1/2 years.

Only a few days before the new school year, and the day after my father-in-law died and my wife needed me, I was served with malicious allegations made by Coleman. She erroneously labeled them as “Charges” in her ridiculous, illegal documentation to the Board of Education. However, they were merely ‘unsubstantiated allegations’ concocted in her sick mind in a desperate attempt to destroy a high-functioning, extra ordinarily effective educator who cared most for his students success.

For the first time in my life besides buying and selling property, I hired an attorney. This legal process that was coordinated by my attorney and the District’s attorney—who turned out to be colleagues and best buddies; meaning that one of them had a professional obligation to recuse themselves from the proceeding, but neither one did—was carefully orchestrated to take the entire school year. Why? Because Linda Kelly was retiring and there was a strong desire to avoid bad publicity associated with her departure which coincided with the unveiling of the $47 million dollar ‘Linda Kelly Performing Arts Center’.

Coleman’s bogus allegations resulted in my being removed from the classroom. I was assigned to write curriculum for 18 months during which time I was paid $145,000 and the District incurred legal costs including a settlement payment.

I left and Coleman remained.

Had Coleman’s conduct been handled properly by the District, she should have left and I should have remained. Yet even now, the matter remains unsettled due to ongoing misconduct by the District.

Now you know my story as best I can tell it.

I realize that much of my story requires a technical background. I have tried to limit that as best I can but the full context of her bad conduct and her lack of understanding of technology requires a deep technical explanation that may be beyond the experience of many readers. Suffice to say for now there are a myriad of examples I can provide as to her incompetence and the damage that she caused to the District, to other Districts and to students and staff. Going forward I hope to publish future articles that will present detailed technical examples of malfeasance and even admitted criminal conduct by Coleman.

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