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Ivar Hyden to Seek Another City Council Term

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Councilperson Ivar Hyden, the incumbent in District 4 in New Rochelle, today announced that he will be seeking a second term.  

“I have been honored to represent District 4 for the past three and a half years.  To me this is the most exciting district in New Rochelle with outstanding residential neighborhoods, the majority of the downtown business district, two colleges, the hospital complex and the transit center. No other city district offers as much opportunity for future development and civic and cultural improvements.”

Hyden has shown an independent spirit during his first term.  He helped create and supported his Democratic colleagues on social, environmental and cultural issues brought before the council and on most of the development and city management concerns, but did not support the Forest City Echo Bay or Albanese development projects.

“My goal has always been to vote my conscience based on the specific issue at hand without concern about partisan politics. I stand on my record and look forward to serving my constituents again in the coming term.”