Kamal Flowers

Robber Gives Back iPhone, Keeps Polo Jacket

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — New Rochelle police responded to a report of a robbery at North Avenue and Lockwood Avenue on August 11th shortly after 12 p.m.

A complainant walked into New Rochelle police headquarters to report a robbery in the past. The complainant stated that he was walking on North Avenue by Sickles Avenue when he was approached by a man named Kamal Flowers of New Rochelle. He stated he had problems with Flowers in the past but nothing in the past year. He said Flowers pulled off a green Polo jacket that he was wearing. Flowers then went into his pants pocket and took his iPhone 4S. A person on the street told him to give back the phone which he did.

Flowers was later observed by New Rochelle police standing on the corner of North Avenue and Lockwood Avenue at about 5:15 p.m. on August 11th.

Police were familiar with Flowers from previous encounters. He is several inches over 6 feet tall but weighs just 175 pounds. Knowing that Flowers was a suspect in a robbery that occurred earlier that day at a nearby location, police back up was called and Flowers was arrested. Flowers was found to be in possession of a lime green knife.

Flowers was charged with Robbery Third-Degree, a Class D Felony.