City of New Rochelle Issues Winter Storm Alert

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — A coastal winter storm is predicted for our area with snow, high winds and high tides forecast for early Saturday morning into Sunday. 

If you have not already secured a month’s supply of bread, milk and eggs it may be too late to hope to survive Winter Storm Jonas but whether or not you have a sufficient stockpile of ingredients to make basic french toast, City officials in New Rochelle still want you to be aware of how to make it through the impending “snowmaggedon/snowpoclaypse” (previously known as a snow fall in winter).

City officials encourage residents to stay home tomorrow and read a book, watch a movie or play with the kids in the backyard.

“If at all possible,” said Strome, “people should stay home Saturday, especially the afternoon and evening hours.”

“We would request that wherever possible people not park their cars on the street so plowing operations can be as efficient as possible.”

The Department of Public Works is locked and loaded.

“We currently have about 1,300 tons of salt,” said DPW Commissioner Alex Tergis. “We have 22 trucks fully setup, not including pickup trucks and garbage trucks.”

Based on the current forecast, Tergis expect to have full twelve hour shifts starting at Midnight tonight through midday Sunday.

New Rochelle Fire Chief Louis DiMeglio (and Suez Water New York) ask that resident follow City Code and keep fire hydrants clear.

“We want to ask the residents to keep the hydrants clear of snow especially if they have someone come and plow their driveways,” said DiMeglio. “Ask that snow plow crews not push the snow over the hydrants.”

Power outages may occur and should be reported directly to Con Ed at 1-800-75-CONED (1-800- 752-6633) or online at, where you can also view an outage map. Downed trees should be reported to the New Rochelle Police desk at 654-2300.

The New Rochelle Public Library and Huguenot Children’s Library will be closed tomorrow, January 23rd, 2016. Visit the Library’s website,, where you will find a host of online resources available from the comfort – and warmth – of your home. 

There are currently no heating centers open but city officials will monitor conditions and take appropriate action if conditions warrant, same for shelters.

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  1. Snow Emergency Streets

    Rather then telling residents to stay inside it would be more helpful for the City to issue an announcement instructing residents to remove their vehicles from snow emergency streets (or be fined and towed) to allow for efficient clearing and removal of snow. This would allow these critical thoroughfares to function as designed. Unfortunately the City will not enforce these regulations, as usual, turning these roads into single lane passages with ice fort obstacles. 

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