New Rochelle Man on Drunken Graffiti Spree Causes Extensive Damage to Isaac Young Middle School

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — New Rochelle Police have arrested a New Rochelle man following a weekend graffiti spree that caused extensive damage to Isaac E. Young Middle School, an apartment building and a highway overpass.

Paul J. Schreiner, 41, of New Rochelle, NY was charged with Making Graffiti, a Class A Misdemeanor, Criminal Mischief – 3rd, a Class E Felony, Criminal Mischief — 4th, a Class A Misdemeanor, Possession of a Graffiti Instrument, a class B Misdemeanor, Obstruction of Governmental Administration – 2nd, a Class A Misdemeanor.

On Monday January 18th at about 11:15 p.m., a New Rochelle police officer caught Schreiner in the act of spraying graffiti on the I-95 overpass near Division Street and Union Avenue, according to police reports.

Officer Nicholas Zuzulo observed Schreiner spraying paint on the wall of the Memorial Highway I-95 southbound entrance overpass. As Zuzolo approached Schreiner directing him to stop, Schreiner placed the spray paint can he was using into a black colored plastic bad and tossed it over the fence, throwing it down onto the southbound I-95 entrance. He then began to quickly walkaway. Zuzolo pursued Schreiner and apprehended him.

Schriener, who described himself as homeless, was determined to be alcohol impaired.

Police were canvassing New Rochelle for two male suspects of a recent graffiti at an apartment building on Church Street. While looking for the suspect, officers observed freshly painted walls at Isaac E. Young Middle School. The paint colors and tags matched those on the apartment building on the I-95 overpass.

Police have obtained surveillance video and have an active investigation open, looking for the second suspect.

VIDEO: Isaac E. Young Graffiti Attack