Statement by New Rochelle Board of Education Candidate Moraydda Rosado

Written By: Robert Cox

I would like to thank all the people that voted for me and gave me their support. Every word and form of communication used on my behalf are appreciated, and not taken for granted. As a first time candidate in any type of election, I experienced a small sample of the inner workings of politics as a school board candidate. It is clear that merely being well qualified and eager to make a difference in the community and in the public school system is not sufficient. This type of campaign, although non-partisan, requires the additional support of political and community leaders who have better access to the entire electorate of the City of New Rochelle in order to garner a majority of school board voters.

Notwithstanding my disappointment, I will remain an engaged parent, community member and citizen. I will work hard to get more of our neighbors engaged in the community, and involved in our schools. I will work to be a voice for those that are disenfranchised, because regardless of their socio-political status, they are members of our community.  

I am proud of the number of votes I received and deeply gratified by the response I received by all those people I met throughout my campaign. It is clear that New Rochelle residents, especially those with children in our public schools, are interested in the representation and make up of the school board. I was encouraged by the voters I came to know and their receptiveness to my candidacy. In addition, I feel confident that I answered questions asked during the debates in a knowledgeable and thoughtful way, using my experience as a teacher, school counselor and parent. I set an example for my children, family, friends, community and students. 

I would like to send my best wishes to the elected candidates. I hope they will represent all of our families and children thinking only of the best interests of ALL the children of New Rochelle. 


Moraydda Rosado