John Gallagher leaves Federal Court in White Plains, NY with his attorney on Wednesday

GETTING RESULTS: John Gallagher Fired by Aramark

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — The Patriot-News, a leading newspaper in central Pennsylvania, is reporting that John Gallagher has been fired by Aramark following his indictment on federal corruption charges.

According to the paper, 

Harrisburg [School District] board members last year approved a three-year renewal of Aramark’s contract worth nearly $3 million to provide maintenance services to the district.

Those services were questioned last month when a parent complained that the restroom at her daughter’s middle school, “looked like a crime scene.”

In the ensuing outrage, Harrisburg school officials blamed much of the problem on the aging building and constant vandalism by students. The district’s business administrator said at the time that Gallagher was going to provide before and after photos of the restroom once it was repainted and repaired. No photos have been provided to date.

The paper spoke with Harrisburg School District late last week:

Harrisburg school officials on Friday said they were told that Aramark had terminated Gallagher so he was no longer associated with the district’s contract. Kirsten Keys, the district spokeswoman, said Harrisburg had not received a subpoena for any of its records or contracts.

“We have not been contacted by agents,” Keys said. “Since we found out, it’s obviously raised some questions for us. We’re looking internally at our operations to make sure everything is okay.”

The Patriot-News reported on an official statement from the City School District of New Rochelle that contains false information, that Gallagher and the entire Aramark team for “unsatisfactory management and supervision”. As per the Aramark contract, no reason was required or given for Gallagher’s removal.’’

In Harrisburg, under Aramark’s contract they company is to provide “three employees to administer the operation, all custodial and grounds supplies as contracted, and ten employees (nine custodians, one carpenter.)”

The paper added further details to Gallagher’s prior criminal record. Gallagher was charged with “driving under the influence in 2014 by state police in Reed Township. He entered a diversion program in 2015.”


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