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WHAT YOU GET FOR EXPOSING CORRUPTION IN NEW ROCHELLE: Someone Tried to Kill Me, Almost Killed My Wife and Daughter

Written By: Robert Cox

To the person or persons who thought it would be a good idea to melt a hole in the back rear tire of my car and drive a wood stake into the hole, you did not succeed in killing or even injurying me. You did almost kill my wife and daughter. Hope you are proud. I have asked my attorney to refer the matter to the Justice Department and FBI.

Over the past few years, reporting out corruption in the City School District of New Rochelle, the City government and the New Rochelle Police Department (among others) I Have been subject to all manner of threats and harrassment. This is just the latest but this one is different because it shows a depraved indifference to human life. Had the tire burst at speed the car would have fish-tailed and not only killed or injured the occupants of the vehicle but anyone who was struck by the car spinning out of control at high speed.

This is the 8th time that someone has come onto my property and driven a sharp object into the sidewall of my tires. In the past I chose to ignore it so as not to encourage further attacks. The depravity of this particular attacking, coming so close on the heels of federal indictments and the first conviction in an investigation I initiated in 2013 raises the stakes, no pun inintended.

More people are going to be indicted. People are going to prison, some for a very long time. And they are desperate.

For those who don’t know, I have provided extensive information to the U.S. Department of Justice on corruption in the City School District of New Rochelle, the City of New Rochelle, the New Rochelle Police Department, the New Rochelle Municipal Housing Authority, and other government agencies in Westchester starting in 2013. A year later, in 2014, I was harrassed and then arrested by the New Rochelle Police Department and prosecuted by the Westchester County DA on bogus charges. Now you know why.

Rest assured that all of the harrassment, attacks, lawsuits, arrests, harrasing prosecution and bogus convictions that have been perpetrated against me as I continue to report out corruption in our community has not stopped me nor will this. In fact, it only makes my more determined to continue to push the investigation forward.

If you have information about the person or persons behind this attack please contact the New York office of the FBI at (212) 384-1000.


I have had to replace quite a few tires over the past few years. They are expensive. This one was brand new. It cost about $170.

If you want to help defray the cost of my reporting out corruption, you can contribute to the Robert Cox Tire Fund paypal.me/TalkoftheSound


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