Who is George Latimer? Part X

Written By: Robert Cox

The Journal News got Latimer on record admitting to over a thousand dollars in unpaid parking tickets — and not just Yonkers.

George Latimer pays $1,400 in parking tickets

I went back to O’Brien at the DMV:

George Latimer has made a public statement that he has paid $1,400 in parking tickets to Yonkers but has still not re-registered his vehicle because, he says, the transmission has to be fixed.

If the vehicle has no registration, can the vehicle be taken to a mechanic for repairs; can a mechanic work on a vehicle without registration?

Does George Latimer owe money to the DMV? Did he over since April 1, 2017.

Plus my still outstanding questions.

Oops, one more. George Latimer says he paid parking tickets in White Plains and Port Chester as well as Yonkers. Do you have requests for suspension for White Plains and Port Chester?

The Journal News came out with a new story on Latimer’s Jeep, another bombshell:

George Latimer gets coffee with unregistered car at center of parking ticket mess

Incredibly, the Journal News did some actual reporting, without crediting my original car crash story of course, or crediting my subsequent bombshell revelation that Latimer’s registration for his Jeep had been suspended for months due to unpaid parking tickets and he had still not paid them without which they had no story at all. Still, this was amazing work.

Jonathon Bandler extended my reporting to reveal more unpaid parking tickets (White Plains, Port Chester and Mamaroneck) and got Latimer on the record stating he had paid $1,400 worth of fines and fees. Latimer told Bandler that he had not bothered to re-register the Jeep because the vehicle was back at the dealership (White Plains Jeep/Chrysler) due to a bad transmission. There was also a bizarre tale about how the lease on the Jeep expired in April but he spent 5 months negotiating to buy the Jeep and did not acquire it until August. Latimer said he would not drive the Jeep until it had been re-registered.

As subsequent reporting by myself and Bandler would show, these were just more bald-faced lies and deception by Latimer.

In perhaps the most brilliant bit of investigative reporting in Westchester in many years, Bandler surveilled Latimer’s residence that same morning. He found the Jeep in Latimer’s driveway in Rye, came back to find it missing, then came again and found the Jeep back in the driveway.

Caught red-handed, Latimer still refused to come clean, adding new lies, deceptions and excuses which were patently false.

He claimed he only drove the car for “a loop” as he called it, just to protect the engine he said, then admitted he went into downtown Rye where he stopped to get coffee. He continued to insist that what he did was legal and that it was not like he was using the vehicle for transportation when, of course, that is precisely what he was doing.

Tim O’Brien told Bandler what he told me

“A vehicle that is not properly registered cannot be legally driven on New York’s roadways.

Also on October 27th, I made a FOIL request to White Plains, Port Chester, the Village of Mamaroneck and Town of Mamaroneck on October 27th for more Latimer parking tickets.

A day later, O’Brien of the DMV replied to my prior email:

Mr. Latimer has resolved his tickets with the Yonkers Parking Violations Bureau, and that suspension has been removed. He still has outstanding tickets in Mamoroneck so his registration remains suspended.

Separate from the unpaid tickets, the vehicle registration has expired; he can renew the registration once all the tickets have been cleared.

A mechanic can work on a car that is not registered; however, a vehicle that is not properly registered cannot be legally driven on New York’s roadways.

To answer your earlier question, the car has standard NY plates. The plates were not surrendered, but there is no legal requirement for them to be surrendered. A motorist can resolve outstanding tickets, have a suspension removed and regain the right to use the plates.

I followed up with the DMV on October 30th:

I realized one question I asked that you had not answered. Did the vehicle in question have insurance on it between April 1, 2017 and today?

One more. When did George Latimer take title to the vehicle?

On October 30th, the Astorino campaign made available an audio recording from an event in Somers on September 27th of Latimer stating he drove himself to the event his personal vehicle.

On October 31st, I received records back from White Plains (and some additional records on November 1st based on a follow up reply). Apparently, so did Bandler.

Jonathon Bandler wrote his story that night and I wrote my story the next day (I was sick with a bad cold so a bit behind)

Latimer: Tickets show extensive driving of unregistered Jeep

Latimer Repeatedly Drove Unregistered Jeep Despite Claims to the Contrary

And so ends one of the longest article I have written in my life. But the story is not over and there are a few outstanding items. I have yet to receive acknowledgment of my request nor any records from Port Chester, the Village of Mamaroneck and Town of Mamaroneck. And still no reply from Yonkers. I have several questions pending with the DMV:

  • When did George Latimer take title on the vehicle with Registration # DFG3591?
  • Was the vehicle with Registration # DFG3591 insured in the period between 4/1/17 and today?
  • Do you have requests for suspension for White Plains and Port Chester?
  • Does George Latimer owe money to the DMV? Did he owe money  since April 1, 2017?

The story certainly does not end on Election Day because either Latimer is the new County Executive or he is a State Senator. Either way, there are a lot more lies and deceptions to expose and like Zeke with a bone, I am never letting go.

Oh, and one last thing. About that police report on Latimer’s July 21st car crash?

As of this moment, no media outlet has requested a copy of the New Rochelle Police Department Accident Report involving George Latimer.

For all those lazy reporters out there, and especially for Andrew Whitman, by far the worst and laziest “journalist” in Westchester, here is a copy of the unredacted report.

NRPD Police Accident Report – July 21, 2017

THE END…for now…

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UPDATE: George Latimer has responded to this 10-Part Series on MyRye.com, In fairness to the folks at MyRye let me send you over to their site where you can read the entire exchange (at some future time I will move those comments here)


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