Who is George Latimer? Table of Contents

Written By: Robert Cox

On July 21, 2017 New York State Senator George Latimer, currently the Democratic Party Candidate for Westchester County Executive, was in a car crash; that car is still crashing.

Latimer’s efforts to cover up the car crash where he appears to have run a red light, collided with another vehicle, driven into an oncoming lane of traffic, off the road, through a fence and into a tree, then lied to police about why, blew up in his face when Talk of the Sound learned of the car crash and began asking questions. The more Latimer lied about the crash, lied to this reporter and attacked both Talk of the Sound and it’s publisher, Robert Cox, the more he opened up a can of worms that exposed Latimer’s long-running relationship with a woman other than his wife, his skipping important Senate budget votes in Albany to jet off to London with his girlfriend, Judge Susan Kettner, while he left his wife back home in the United States, that he lied to Senate leadership about why he was skipping votes. It only got worse when Talk of the Sound discovered that Latimer’s personal vehicle had a suspended registration for months, and got really bad when The Journal News found he was driving the vehicle anyway in violation of New York State law and worse still when documentation showed he had been illegally driving the vehicle since April. Along the way, the best and the worst of the Westchester media scene came into view for news consumers who do not often get to see how the sausage is made. All of that and more in this fascinating, amusing, infuriating political-media feast, ideal for the casual viewer or the wonkiest of political junkies. Enjoy!

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NRPD Police Accident Report – July 21, 2017