New Rochelle’s Girls Volleyball Dethrones Champs to Win Section 1 Class AA Title

Written By: John D'Alois

The New Rochelle Girls Varsity Volleyball team became the Section 1 Class AA champions today after beating the defending champs, the Ossining Girls Varsity Volleyball team, in a dramatic, first-ever Sectional Title win.  After a somber defeat in the first set, the Huguenots came back tougher than ever to win three consecutive sets, snatching a victory from the jaws of defeat.  New Rochelle players and fans alike were stunned after Ossining Pride stole the drawn out set with a 33-31 victory.  “It was a wakeup call for them. I think it helped them to realize how much harder they needed to push”, said Coach Alyssa Patti.

This “wakeup call” quickly became an event of the past as New Rochelle gained monstrous momentum.  Senior, Rachel Darius, commented on how the first set caused the New Rochelle players to realize, “Ossining was not going to give up and neither were we, so we just needed to push from the very start.”  And push they did, as they came back to win the next three sets.

They served an extra pound of fight with every point, every ace, and every kill.  Sophomore libero Vanessa Resendiz began the game with a rough start, however as the game progressed she quickly became a key defensive player, coming in clutch with amazing digs and great passes.  When asked what she thought they needed to do moving forward, Resendiz answered, “I think we just need to communicate a little more and work on our passes.”

The Huguenots dominated during their regular season, winning every game up to, and including, this dethroning of Ossining Pride for a 20-0 record.  They will go on to play at John Jay Cross River High School at 6pm on Wednesday for the State Regional Semi-finals.


Going forward, senior, Selma Vulic believes they just “have to work even harder, 20 times harder, 1000 times harder, to just keep pushing and fighting and keep making history for New Ro.”

Making history indeed, congratulations ladies!