EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Melee Involving Dozens of New Rochelle High School Students Injures 1

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Dozens of students engaged in a melee just a few blocks from New Rochelle High School a half hour after dismissal on Wednesday. One student was injured. Another escaped on foot after a police chase.

The incident which took place in front of 125 Chauncey Avenue in New Rochelle was first reported by Talk of the Sound on our Twitter channel (https://twitter.com/talkofthesound/status/958835311391465474). For the latest breaking news about New Rochelle follow us on Twitter @TalkoftheSound)

Fios1News is reporting that a witness told them one student picked up a large ConEdison pole and used it to attack other students on the ground.

In response to media requests for interviews from NBC and Univision, the New Rochelle Board of Education issued a statement:

“The City and School District are working together for school and community safety on a daily basis. Yesterday, the New Rochelle Police Department responded to an incident after dismissal from New Rochelle High School, which involved a few students and a larger number of onlookers on Chauncey Street, a half mile from the main entrance to the school. NRPD immediately briefed school district security, and today, the high school staff and NRPD Youth Officers are following up and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken as necessary.

The video shows more than “a few”. More than a dozen students have so far been identified by school officials. A copy of three Snapchat videos obtained by Talk of the Sound have been turned over to police and school officials by Talk of the Sound.

The most recent incident of school violence comes in the wake of a cluster of violence involving New Rochelle High School students that first caught the public’s attention on January 10th when a group of students allegedly hunted down and murdered Valaree Schwab. A group assault at a pizza restaurant was followed by a stabbing in a high school classroom and a violent brawl in a high school bathroom.





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