Million Dollar Burglary in Downtown New Rochelle

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — New Rochelle Coin & Jewelry located at 20 Division Street in downtown New Rochelle was burglarized overnight. New Rochelle Police Detectives was on scene early Friday morning. The suspect or suspects appear to have entered through the roof. The New Rochelle Fire Department is also on scene. A ladder is propped up in front of the store leading to the roof.

While fluid, Initial unconfirmed reports are that over a million dollars worth of merchandise was stolen. Police on the scene had no comment.

UPDATE 11:10 AM Still no official word from NRPD. Detectives working in the area behind the store. Police officer put up crime scene tape in front of Posto 22 and New Rochelle Coin & Jewelry. No sign of activity on roof. Police continue to walk the area along Division Street and Westchester Way. All media now descending on downtown New Rochelle.


“At 8:55 am today officers from the New Rochelle Police Department responded to the New Rochelle Coin Stamp & Jewelers, located at 20 ½ Division St, on a reported overnight burglary.  Officers interviewed the business owner who stated that upon opening his store this morning he discovered that the premise was ransacked and numerous pieces of jewelry were missing.  The exact value of the stolen property is unknown at this time.  It appears that entry was made via a hole in the roof of the premise that is believed to have been caused by the perpetrators.    


NRPD Property Theft and Forensic Unit detectives are actively investigating the incident; anyone with information is urged to contact the New Rochelle Police Department’s Property TheftUnit at 914-654-2275.”


UPDATE: Interview with Amanda Pappa

Amanda Pappas, daughter of the owner, confirmed an initial report by Talk of the Sound, that more than a million dollars in gold, diamonds, coins and jewelry was missingPappas said “clearly it was personal and they should find sonething better to do with their time than robbing family businesses.”


She said the alarm at the store went off at about 4 a.m. and that there is surveillance video which indicates 4 or 5 people committed the burglary. The burglars came in through the roof towards the back of the store.


Pappas said she was “really upset” and concerned about her father.

She said a family friend who drives a taxi saw some people in the area of the store between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m


She said her father had owned and operated the business for about 35 years. She said there had been one prior incident many years ago where an employee got two other people to rob the store.



Police Response, Crime Scene



Interview with Amanda Pappas, daughter of business owner


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