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50-100 Youths Engage New Rochelle Police in March Madness Riot at New Roc City, Youths Stomp on Patrol Cars, Threaten to Shoot Police, 1 Tased, 4 Arrested

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — New Rochelle Police responded to reports from civilians of 50 youths fighting inside the Sky Zone Trampoline Park at New Roc City at about 11:02 p.m. on Saturday night. As the group spilled out into the courtyard between Buffalo Wild Wings and the Marriott Residence Inn, a police officer in a patrol car next to the unused mini-precinct called for backup as a group of teens began jumping up on and down on his vehicle.

Every police officer on duty in New Rochelle was called to the scene. Dozens of officers spread out along LeCount Place to disperse the crowd. Police officers threatened, cajoled, shoved and grabbed at uncooperative youths as the youths yelled and screamed at officers, many holding up smartphones to record their interactions with police.

Three youths were arrested by police and put in patrol cars. Arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct are Jahmeela Russell, 18, of Mount Vernon, NY, Tsaia Chung, 17 year-old, of Mount Vernon, NY and Justin Smiley, 17, of Mount Vernon, NY.

A 15-year old resident of Harlem, NY was also taken into custody and subsequently released to his guardian.

Many of the youths involved were wearing lime-green t-shirts with the word “GLOW” on the front; part of “Glow in the Dark Night” at Sky Zone in New Roc City.

At one point a male youth was tased by police and ended up on the ground. He was handcuffed by police. A female youth who attempted to intervene was also arrested. A group of about a dozen youths began pushing and arguing with police who yelled and pushed back. Somewhere in the various melees another male youth was arrested. Someone threw something at the officers. An object was hurled at this reporter and smacked into a brick wall just above his head. Other youths yelled down from the floors of the parking lot above, one threatening to shoot the police.

A group of youths on bicycles, some wearing masks, circled the area, taunting police officers and then riding away. At one point, as two youths drove their bicycles towards a group of officers, doing wheelies and then snapping their front wheels at the officers, one police officer grabbed one of the youths right of his bike, ripped a mask off his face, detained him briefly and then left him leave with his bicycle.

As officers pushed the crowd down LeCount towards Trump Tower, and towards the New Rochelle Metro-North train station, another melee ensued and another arrest was made, this time a female youth. She was hysterical, protesting her innocence, screaming that she was 17 not 18.

As the crowd moved towards the train station, more than a dozen police officers took up positions around the train station. The southbound train was held for more than 10 minutes as officers moved up and down the platform, ushering people onto the train.

UPDATE 3/4 9:00 AM: New Rochelle Police Department said this morning “incident under investigatio, no comment at this time.“

UPDATE 3/4 12:45 PM: New Rochelle Police Department Official Statement.

Altercation at the Sky Zone – New Roc City

On Saturday March 3, 2018, at approximately 11:02 p.m. New Rochelle Police officers responded to the Sky Zone in New Roc City on a report of a large altercation. Upon arrival, officers observed a large disorderly crowd, many of whom were fighting. The officers were able to disperse the group from the Sky Zone, however, many in the group congregated in the courtyard at New Roc City, where several more altercations ensued. Officers gained control of the situation, arresting three individuals and escorting others to the Metro-North Train Station where they boarded a southbound train.

The following individuals were arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct:

Jahmeela Russell, an 18 year-old resident of Mount Vernon, NY.

Tsaia Chung, a 17 year-old resident of Mount Vernon, NY.

Justin Smiley, a 17 year-old resident of Mount Vernon, NY.

A 15-year old resident of Harlem, NY was also taken into custody and subsequently released to his guardian.

We are continuing our investigation into this matter and urge anyone with information to contact the New Rochelle Police Department at 654-2300

UPDATE 3/4 1:35 PM – Statement from City Council Member Jared Rice (D-New Rochelle/Distrct 3) whose District includes New Roc City.

“I commend our police department for responding appropriately and bringing order to last night’s incident. With the recent hire of seven new officers, and even more being contemplated, we need to ensure that we put in place a robust community policing model which extends to our downtown.“

MEDIA: All of these incidents were captured on videotape shot by Talk of the Sound. For media outlets interested to use the video with a credit to @TalkoftheSound please provide an email address for a Dropbox account and we will provide the video. Call 914-325-34616 or email