City's Planned Move to Downtown Offers New Rochelle School District Historic Opportunity

2018 New Rochelle Board of Education and Library Board Candidates Announced

Written By: Robert Cox
Qualified candidates (in order filed), as of the deadline – April 25th, 5 PM – are:
SCHOOL BOARD (2 seats):
  1. Adrienne Moses
  2. Christopher Daniello
  3. David Peters
  4. Valerie Samn
  5. Julia Muggia Ochs
  6. Jakub Lau
  7. Vincent J. Malfetano
  8. Heriberto Contreras
LIBRARY BOARD (4 seats):
  1. Whitney Barrat
  2. Corey L. Galloway
  3. Quentin S. Jacobs
  4. Sarah Cullen Langlois
  5. Daniel Bonnet
Meeting with all qualified candidates to draw for a position on the ballot is scheduled to be held today, Thursday, April 26th, 4:30 PM, in the Carew Room at Central Administration (City Hall), 515 North Avenue, New Rochelle.