Task Force Chair Presents Findings to School Board and City Council

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Dr. Jonathan Brice, Chair of the Task Force on Reducing Violence in the Lives of Children and Youth, presented the Task Force’s recommendations Wednesday to the New Rochelle Board of Education, the New Rochelle City Council and the community.

“These recommendations are focused on ways the entire community can come together to make sure that we are doing everything in our power to put youth and young people in the best position where they can meet with success,” Brice told the audience in the City Council Chambers, where the session was held.

The recommendations are spelled out in detail in a 36-page report available on the City School District of New Rochelle website, www.nred.org.

The recommendations include an update of School District policies, outline in the Student Code of Conduct showing when police involvement is required and an investment in more student-focused programming that includes diversion programs and peer mediation. The recommendations cover topics such as social-emotional learning and training in health and wellness strategies such as mindfulness, restorative justice, implicit bias and cultural competence.

The final report suggests instituting a modified closed campus policy at New Rochelle High School, allowing seniors “in good standing” to leave the grounds during lunch and free periods. It also included stationing an armed School Resource Officer at NRHS.

With the report issued, the Board of Education and City Council will begin discussing the recommendations at upcoming meetings.

“I would like to thank Dr. Jonathan Brice and the members of the Task Force who devoted so much of their time, their knowledge and their expertise to this important project,” said Board of Education President Rachel Relkin. “We look forward to processing these recommendations as we discuss the specific measures we will put in place.”

Mayor Noam Bramson also thanked the Task Force members.

“I appreciate the dedicated service you have rendered our community,” he said. “The City will review the recommendations with the utmost seriousness, and we look forward to implementing solutions that can support our youth and strengthen New Rochelle as a whole.”

View the meeting here.