From left: Sam Rosenberg, Gretchen Witt, Evan Phillips

Two NRHS Freshmen Raise $37,500 for Pediatric Cancer

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Evan Phillips and Sam Rosenberg are freshman at New Rochelle High School, and lacrosse players. But to Gretchen Witt, co-founder and vice president of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, they are “rock stars.”

Phillips and Rosenberg presented Witt on Thursday with a check for $37,500, the sum that they have raised over the past three years with their “Be a Good Cookie Lacrosse Tournament.” That included the $13,500 they raised in the most recent one, in April.

Witt and her husband started the organization after their son was diagnosed with cancer. He lost his battle with the disease in 2011, but their organization keeps up the effort and has raised more than $15 million for pediatric cancer research.

“I cannot hug my son anymore, but to see you two here and to see you two carry on that tradition is amazing,” Witt told Phillips and Rosenberg in a brief ceremony in the Embassy – the main NRHS entrance. “So I salute both of you. Thank you.”

The organization also brought 500 cookies – chocolate chip and citrus shortbread – to hand out to students free.

“It’s people like Gretchen who help build character in our young people, and here we have Sam and Evan who are developing that character with their fundraising efforts,” Assistant Principal Joseph Starvaggi said.

“We believe every child should have an opportunity to grow up and be successful,” Phillips said.

Rosenberg added; “It feels so great to be doing something where we can actually contribute to society.”