Anti-Racists Descend on Mamaroneck Board of Education

Written By: Robert Cox

MAMARONECK, NY —To the obvious dismay of some board members, the Mamaroneck Board of Education meeting tonight was packed by members of newly-formed organizations create to raise allegations of institutional and systemic racism in Mamaroneck and Larchmont.

Members of OneMamaroneck were on hand along with members of the Coalition for Undoing Racism through Education (CURE) called for anti-racism training for staff throughout the District.

After a controversial speech during the February 5th public comment period by David Martin, the Founder of OneMamaroneck, the school board set up a different podium, off to the side near a door. The board required speakers to speak from the side podium. A security guard stood just over the speakers’ shoulders next to the door.

The board prominently displayed flyers literally highlighting Board Policy 1230 which prohibits “personal complaints of school personnel, nor complaints against any person connected with the school system,” a policy Martin appears to have violated at the now widely-viewed video of Martin’s remarks on February 5th.

Martin had characterized efforts by school board officers to interrupt him during his remarks as a “walk out”. In fact, Martin went 20-30 seconds past the 3 minute time limit and repeated personal complaints with reference to school personnel which casts his previous characterization of the incident in a different light.


Speakers may offer such objective criticism of school operations and programs with which they are concerned. However, the Board will not hear, in public session, personal complaints of school personnel, nor complaints against any person connected with the school system. Such complaints are to be addressed first through proper administrative channels. Only in those cases where satisfactory adjustment cannot be made by the Superintendent’s office should complaints be submitted, in writing, to the Board.

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