New Rochelle Board of Education Moves To Electronic Delivery of Report Cards

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Students looking to run home after school in June to intercept their final report card will be out of luck this year. All final report cards for New Rochelle High School students will be posted electronically to the District’s Home Access Center.

The pilot program will be in June 2018 will be used to evaluate the benefits of electronic reporting.

“All students in New Rochelle High School will be participating in this pilot,” said Interim NRHS Vice-Principal Camille Edwards-Thomas. “This will mean that for the final report card of this school year, parents, guardians and students will use the Home Access Center to view report card information rather than receive a printed copy in the traditional way.”

The move to electronic grade reporting comes on the heels of a grade-fixing scandal at the high school where hundreds of grades were improperly changed. The Board of Education received a report from T&M Investigations in October 2018 which was severely limited in its scope and then sat on it for six weeks and then forwarded the report to a unit within BOCES that does not investigate on-line credit recovery programs. That was more than three months and there has to be any announced response from BOCES or the New Rochelle Board of Education.

The school district is asking parents and guardians of New Rochelle High School students to take the following steps:

  • Update your Contact Information: Check with the school main office to confirm that your contact information, most importantly your email address, is up to date and accurate on file. You cannot register for HAC without an email address on file.
  • Access The Home Access Center by logging in at
  • If you have never entered HAC you must register by clicking “Click Here to Register for HAC” located under the password field in small font.
  • If you have registered previously but forgot your username and password click “Forgot my username and password” located under the password field in small font.
  • Seek Help if you are unable to create or log in to your HAC Account.
  • Email your questions to the HAC email at:
  • For those unable to participate in the pilot, contact your school’s main office for support.
  • Members of the pilot group will receive updated information on the status/evaluation of the pilot and if appropriate, a timeline for expanding e-reporting to all students in all grades in the District.

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