Peter Parente (courtesy of NRPD)

Temporary Reprieve for Parente on New Rochelle Veterans Advisory Committee

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Peter Parente is still a member of the New Rochelle Veterans Advisory Committee – at least for now. But that will likely change by the end of tonight’s New Rochelle City Council Meeting.

The New Rochelle City Council Agenda includes a presentation by the Chairman of the New Rochelle Veterans Advisory Committee to review their first year annual report.

The Peter Parente issue is not part of that agenda item but will likely be discussed in executive session, according to sources at City Hall.

The Parente issue may also come up during Citizens to be Heard. Many Parente supporters have claimed that his right to “free speech” was being denied because he was being removed from the VAC for freely expressing his opinions on Facebook.

The process to remove a VAC Member is for a Council Member who wants a committee member removed to request City Council do that because City Council is the appointing authority. Because the VAC is advisory, no formal action need be taken. The removal of the person would be communicated to them administratively by the City Manger.

Parente did not resign so the only way he can be removed is by an act of City Council

Council Member Lou Trangucci, who appointed Parente, has requested that the City Council remove Parente.

There is currently no planned replacement for Parente.

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