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Former New Rochelle Veterans Advisor Peter Parente : “I am not a racist”

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — A former member of the New Rochelle Veterans Advisory Committee has issued a statement defending his xenophobic views against immigrants and Muslims and his condemnation of Democrats as “communists”, all of whom are “cock a roaches” who should be “exterminated” while calling for an armed militia to bar entry to the City of New Rochelle.

While defending his bizarre views in today’s statements, Parente apologized for his “choice of words” and the impact on “people I care about”.

“I am not a racist,” declared Peter Parente.

The problem, according to Parente, was not with the views he holds but that he expressed them clearly using “very strong undertone using very strong words”.

The original post for which Parente is purportedly apologizing over was initially private. After encouragement from his followers, Parente made it public. Even after his statement today the original post remains and is a public post. The original post which had been shared dozens of times has not been updated to direct readers to the “apology” post.

“Although I might have had some points to make, my delivery was less than gentleman like,” said Parente who dropped more than a dozen F-Bombs in his profanity-laced tirade.

“I might have hurt the feeling of some people I care about and love,” said Parente. “I might have put others in a uncomfortable position needed to defend or renounce my words. Never wanted that to happen.”

Parente was formerly removed from the VAC after Council Member Louis Trangucci, Parente’s brother-in-law and the person responsible for Parente’s appointment to the VAC, publicly renounced Parente’s controversial Facebook post and requested his removal from the committee.

Trangucci faces a tough re-election fight this fall against Democrat Martha Lopez in a District that has become increasingly Hispanic.

Lopez did respond to a request for comment.

The abashed tone of today’s statement is a far cry from the angry and defiant tone of the past several days as Parente’s Facebook friends cheered him on, calling him to run for office.

Parente did run for office once. He ran for New Rochelle City Council in a 2010 Special Election to fill an unexpected vacancy after the passing of James Stowe. Parente was soundly defeated by Jared Rice who went on to win re-election to two full terms. Rice announced in January that he will not seek re-election to a full third term. He is widely expected to be appointed as a judge on the New Rochelle City Council to fill the spot on the bench currently occupied by his mother Judge Gail Rice.


City Removes New Rochelle Veterans Committee Member Following Hate-Filled Xenophobic Screed on Facebook

Parente Statement

Good morning my friends!!

Last week I posted my feelings and opinions in reference to all the hypocrisy and double standards that’s going on in today’s politics, media, schools and society. I have had enough and said some things with a very strong undertone using very strong words. Although I might have had some points to make , my delivery was less than gentleman like. For my choice of words I apologize. I can assure u I am not a racist but a disgruntled patriot that is watching his county, which he loves , crumble all around him.

I might have hurt the feeling of some people I care about and love. I might have put others in a uncomfortable position needed to defend or renounce my words. Never wanted that to happen.

As for me …. let the chips fall where they may…. I’m a big boy and can handle what ever comes my way.

I am very concerned about where this country is and heading. When people from Congress and Senate call for the “Assassination of our President” or “ impeach the Mother F’er” or denounce our flag , our Anthem and all the sacrifice of all of our men and women in our military over the last 240+ years to preserve and secure our freedoms…… well, that makes me loose it.

I hope this post gets circulated and passed around like the other did.

Thank you again. God bless u!! God bless America , our Troops and First Responders!!

Peter Parente

6 thoughts on “Former New Rochelle Veterans Advisor Peter Parente : “I am not a racist””

  1. You have nothing better to do bush peoples onions. This man did two tours in Iraq I’m sure you’ve never seen the front lines of war will probably a draft dodger dislike rest of the liberal morons go get a life buddy boy you’re barking up the wrong tree just got some more good for this community that you’ve ever done

      1. JUST IN: New Zealand police say four people are in custody after shootings occurred at two mosques in the city of Christchurch, and there are a “significant” number of fatalities. Words are not just words

    1. So your view is that if a person serves in the military they are above reproach for whatever they say or do forever and ever?

      Military service is not a blank check for hate-speech.

  2. In the last 2-3 years I’am aware of about a dozen veterans that have had serious problems.They had to leave New Rochelle and go the Mt.Vernon or White Plains for veterans services.Everbody says “THANK FOR YOUR SERVICE” but maybe the veteran needs a cup of coffee or a real “ear”.NEW ROCHELLE “is better than that”, let get another official veteran office open immediately!

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