Peter Parente (courtesy of NRPD)

City Removes New Rochelle Veterans Committee Member Following Hate-Filled Xenophobic Screed on Facebook

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Two days after publishing an angry, vile rant on Facebook where he appears to call for killing immigrants, muslims and Democratic presidential candidates, Peter Parente has been kicked off a veterans advisory group he helped found by his own brother-in-law who strongly condemned Parente’s remarks.

Each member of Council appoints one member of the New Rochelle Veterans Advisory Committee (VAC) with the City Manager appointing the Chairman. Parente, a well-known figure in Westchester for his annual role as the organizer of the county’s largest Memorial Day celebration, was appointed to the VAC by Trangucci, Parente’s sister’s husband.

“I totally denounce what he said,” Trangucci told Talk of the Sound. “I am officially removing him from the veterans advisory committee.”

The decision to remove Parente was made in response to a profanity-laced tirade posted on Facebook in which Parente likened immigrants, muslims and Democratic presidential candidates to cockroaches that should be “exterminated”.

Following his initial private post on Friday night where he blamed immigrants for overcrowded schools and overwhelming the healthcare system, described muslims as terrorists, denounced people who do not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and branded Democrats as communists, Parente spent the rest of the weekend doubling-down as his Facebook friends egged him on, encouraging him to run for local office and even Congress. Prominent among them, perennial crank school board candidate Vince Malfetano.

Parente and some commenters proposed an armed response.

“They need to not only be stopped, they need to be removed and or de fucking ported,” said Parente who proposed New Rochelle residents should arm themselves to control the borders of New Rochelle.

“More illegals and refugees running around New Rochelle than we can count…schools are overloaded with privileged immigrants and refugees,” said Parente.

Parente is currently facing up to 7 years in prison on criminal weapons charges after police found an unregistered, illegally modified weapon in his home among a trove of handguns and long guns. He recently pled guilty to two counts of contempt for violating a court order.

A proposal by the New Rochelle Veterans Advisory Committee for the creation of a funded position of Veteran Services Director to “enhance a non-partisan approach toward the veteran community in New Rochelle” is on the agenda for the City Council Meeting on Tuesday March 12th. The VAC has also proposed that under City mandate, a Veteran Service Organization be created under IRS code 501(c)(19) to access different pockets of funding for veteran focused programs.


Member of New Rochelle Veterans Advisory Committee in Foul-Mouthed Rant Against Democrats, Immigrants and Muslims

Parente Facebook Post 3/8/19

What the fuck is going on in this fucking country!!!

Is anyone gonna do something about the abuse of power!! About the hypocrisy the democrats are getting away with!! The laws being broken , battered and shit on over and over and over again!!! Theses mother fucking anti American terrorist who have been elected…. who are running for President who blatantly out right shiting all over the constitution and every thing this country ever meant to any of us growing up!! Ok to Killing our babies and ok to supporting these immigrants invading our homeland!!! Giving them more rights then we have!!! More benefits then we could ever get!!!

More illegals and refugees running around New Rochelle then we can count. Our kids can’t even get into the schools because we need to have a lottery system that is rigged!!! Home owners children should come first!! These schools are over loaded with privileged immigrants and refugees.

Overloading our healthcare systems… our schools and now our government!!!! This is crazy

Gonna let these terrorist talk hate in the house chamber , on the news , on the talk shows , in our schools!!! Won’t stand for the pledge , curse the good that we’ve done around the world …. burn our flag !!!!!

Fuck them!!! They need to not only be stopped, they need to be removed and or de fucking ported!!!

Bullshit!! Wake up America!! Wake the fuck up!!!

Comments on the Facebook post.

Chris Horvilleur: Pete if you run for congress I am gonna work on your campaign!!!! We need to make America great again!!

Peter Parente: trumps doing it but the fucking. Cock a roaches need to be exterminated!!!!!

Leonidas Laourdakis: U right , it sounds that way , but in reality he Peter Parente is fighting the fight WE SHOULD ALL BE FIGHTING !!! If your coming to invade my taxpayer space, you better like my gun in your mouth !!!

Susan Consolo-Glatz: The revolution needs to start now, before they take our guns. We need to rally with Trump n get rid of the cancer within !

Peter Parente: totally agree!!!!!!!!!!

Vincent Malfetano: Conservative Party looking for candidates to run for office in NR.

Peter Parente: We gotta have a really VIN!!

EDITOR’S NOTE: likely meant to be “rally” not “really”.

Joe Civitano, Jr.: keep the guns clean we are going to need them.

Larry Talt: Maybe us patriots need to assemble at the boarder armed and take care of business.

Peter Parente: u mean the borders on NR!!!!

Scott Monaghan: It was so much easier when we just smacked them in the head with a pipe when they were dist respectful I remember, shit changes Brother but We don’t Your never wrong for the way you feel, we just keep on trying.

Leonidas Laourdakis: Why the fuck can’t I share this motivating post ??????????

Peter Parente: I just made it public. Share away

Gina LePore: Really when is somebody going to do something I’m really tired of this shit i’m hearing March 19th something big is going to happen and I have to believe in it because if we are this f king weak then somethings wrong and we are in serious trouble.. what a disgrace

Peter Parente: something what?? Something bad ….. something good???

Gina LePore: A lot of arrest are going to be made there is a countdown going on supposedly March 18th March 19th we will see.. I pray it’s true

Gina LePore: it’s supposed to be good for us Peter

Ellen Isenberg: Watch your mouth!!!

Peter Parente: i aint watching shit!!!! I’m pissed!!!

25 thoughts on “City Removes New Rochelle Veterans Committee Member Following Hate-Filled Xenophobic Screed on Facebook”

  1. The Democrat party is trying to erode our borders, language, and culture. They are abandoning the concept of individual rights protected by the US Constitution and trying to move us towards Democratic socialism with one party rule. I can understand how what is going on in this country would push Peter to vent his frustrations in a harsh way. Giving his past service to this country and community, I would think Peter should be given a chance to make amends. He is obviously going through some tough times right now.

  2. No Peter is not wrong #1he is a deadicated marine who has served his country. Semper fi.
    What is going on in our city and all cities is fucked up our schools are completely overwhelmed with illegals. Taking our jobs
    Because he has balls and feelings he truly loves our country .
    Pete we stand behind you.

  3. For many years Mr. Parente helped to bring the entire New Rochelle community together via the Memorial Day parades and celebrations at Hudson Park which he orchestrated. I remember looking at huge crowds of happy people from diverse backgrounds gathered together as single community to pay respect and honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to our nation. Is this spewer of hate and advocate of violence the same person I saw smiling and waving at children as he rode down North Avenue with a big smile in an open car on Memorial Day in years past? What has happened to this man? I’m so disappointed. My heart goes out to his wonderful wife and children.

    Mr. Parente: Please read the parable of the Lost Sheep in Luke Chapter 15. God is the shepherd who is looking for you and he can bring you back. All is not lost, your family can still be healed.

  4. Why is the Muslim congresswoman able to say what she pleases with no consequences? Knowing Peter i am sure that fueled his rant . But push comes to shove i honestly dont think he is gonna stand at New Rochelles borders like Terminator . Why do the democrats get away with it all and someone like Peter who risked his life for all of us serving our country is singled out ….

    1. Words are just words until…
      JUST IN: New Zealand police say four people are in custody after shootings occurred at two mosques in the city of Christchurch, and there are a “significant” number of fatalities. Live

  5. Parente is jerk off!! My wife is an immigrant and never took a handout! What a jerk off , fuck him, he should go to jail!

  6. What happened to freedom of speech. Does peter have that right to being removed from that committee was ridiculous

    1. You are confused.

      That a person has freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences.

      No one has a RIGHT to serve on a government committee.

    2. Hey Ron,
      Just a thought he is free to speak but as with most of jobs, commuters feel his words not in line with their thinking they can move him out. Freedom of speech can have consequences

  7. I am not condoning this, but why was the fact that Parente was talking about ILLEGAL immigrants omitted from the story? Parente is clearly frustrated with some of the current issues reshaping our nation and political structure.

    1. Nice try but no; the article includes the entire statement verbatim so of course it includes everything Peter said.

      He did not limit his remarks to “illegal immigrants”. He mentions muslims, Democrats, Democratic candidates for president and proposed to “exterminate” them.

      You might think that he was removed from the committee by his own family member would give you pause.

      1. Idk Bob, l can see how the nonsense being spewed by many in Democratic party would anger a patriot like Peter. I don’t think he was trying to go after legal immigrants who assimilate into our culture. I think he was upset with those who are trying to undermine the founding principles of this nation. Moreover, his comments were to his friends on Facebook. It’s not like he went out in the street and shouted them on a bull horn.

      2. John

        You are wrong on many levels.

        1. Peter made his post public and wrote “share away”, encouraging his FB followers to spread his post widely.

        2. You and Peter’s FB friends SAY Peter Parente is a patriot. You may say that but it does not make it so. His words are those of a racist xenophobe. He obviously does not support the Constitution but claims everyone should take an oath to uphold the Constitution. Last I checked a core American value is Freedom of Religion but Peter says American citizens who follow the Muslim faith are “cock a roaches” that should be “exterminated”.

        3. Are you aware that many Italian immigrants during the waves of European immigration, some illegally, never assimilated? Should those Italian immigrants have been “exterminated”?

        It is one thing to be angry and other to call for taking up arms and killing immigrants, Hispanics, Muslins, Democrats.

      3. You can’t compare what was happening with immigration in this country 50 or 75 years ago to what is happening now. Our country is $22 trillion in debt and we don’t have the financial means to take of all the unskilled people crossing the border illegally. Nor do we have enough jobs for them. Years ago, our country was growing and we didn’t have technology eliminating one low level job after the other. I am against illegal immigration and have seen first hand how it has affected wage growth and job opportunities for native born Americans. I have seen how it negatively affects people in the building trades and many other occupations. I seen the financial toll it has taken on our schools, hospitals, and social service network. I stand firmly with those who wanted to curb the flow of illegals into this country.

        I also believe the progressive mentality is poison. It runs counter to the notion of a constitutional republic. I see how the voices of NR residents are being weakened as a result of the current administration selling us out to corporations. Virtually every city owned property is being given to corporate developers because the city is essentially bankrupt despite one tax increase after the other. They no longer have the ability to generate tax revenue to sustain city services and maintain the infrastructure so we were sold out to corporations.

        The city yard, armory, Wild Cliff, City Hall, Station One firehouse, and library have all suffered because of the city’s inability to generate adequate revenue–plus we have been saddled with a garbage fee, hydrant fee, and library tax. In order to create the illusion of financial stability and progress, the Mayor made deals that gave ownership of many city owned properties to corporate developers. These developers agree to rebuild the city hall, library, firehouse, and city yard and then they lease them back to the city for 30 years. So essentially, the corporate developers now control a substantial portion of the city. We as voters, have no idea what hidden agendas these developers may have, we don’t have access to them the way we do our elected leaders, we don’t know who sits on their boards, we don’t know which political parties they are making large financial contributions to, and we don’t know who is financing these projects and what their goals are. We are owned by corporations that have gotten significant tax breaks IF they agree to build what Noam Bramson wants and advance the agenda of outside entities like ICLEI.

        Meanwhile, these projects are NOT bringing about the high paying union construction jobs as promised. They are NOT having any significant impact on climate change as promised. Nor are they socially integrating people of different socioeconomic backgrounds as promised. In the interests of corporate profits, the “riff-raff” have been consolidated in “affordable” units on the outskirts of the TOD zone.

        Peter Parente is right for being frustrated. His years of service to this community and country should afford him a chance to make amends.

      4. How dare u compare Muslim n Hispanic illegals to the Italians. My father was born in Italy , however he was born an American citizen, because his father was a citizen. When he came to America as a 17 year old my grandfather hade to put up a 200. Dollar bond. So that he would not collect welfare n burden our country. These illegals come here with their hand out looking for free everything. They drink n drive without a care in the world. Going out n killing our law abiding tax paying citizens. Get a grip Bob, your beef isn’t with Peter, your on a power trip to piss off the people of New Rochelle. Is that how you make it thru knowing that u r hated n despised by the masses. Y don’t u try reporting the news instead of giving your opinion. In case u haven’t noticed we the people don’t give a damn !

      5. Peter has every right to be frustrated and angry about the things going on this City and country. He is a patriot who believes in the US Constitution, individual liberties and the preservation of out nation as a constitutional republic.

      6. John,

        The issue is not that Peter Parente is “frustrated” it is that he spewed foul-mouthed hatred on his private Facebook page like a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum; he became so enamored with the response he got that he deliberately made it public and encouraged his followers to “share away” and then expanded his venom over the following week. He has been afforded an opportunity to “make amends” at any time. Obviously, he is not interested in making amends and, after all, why should when he (and you) believe he was fully justified in his behavior.

        I do not even understand your point — “he did nothing wrong” and “he deserves an opportunity to make amends”. If you think he did nothing wrong what do think he would be making amends for? You do realize those two ideas are utterly inconsistent?

        Let me remind you, Peter was removed from the Veterans Advisory Council by his brother-in-law because of the views Peter expressed in his Facebook post. Lou Trangucci asked that Peter be removed, Lou supported rescinding the $10,000 and denying the park permit. Not Bob Cox. Lou Trangucci.

        When his own family publicly denounces his conduct what else is there to say?

        As far as the rest of your comment, I do not know why you are going into great detail in offering YOUR opinion on immigration, the economy, politics or development in New Rochelle. First, my article is not about you. Second, I cannot think of a single one of my readers who cares one jot for what you think about immigration, the economy, politics, development in New Rochelle or anything else.

        You are not even part of this community! Last time I checked not only do you not live in New Rochelle you do not live in New York State and your housing in another state is paid for by the Federal government. Has that changed?

        In the belief that you continue to live in Vermont in Section 8 housing I am mystified by your repeated use of the word WE.

        You say “WE don’t know who sits on their boards, WE don’t know which political parties they are making large financial contributions, WE don’t know who is financing these projects and what their goals are, WE are owned by corporations, WE were sold out to corporations.”

        There is no “we” dude, there is those of who are residents of New Rochelle and those like you who live elsewhere.

        You say “WE have been saddled with a garbage fee, hydrant fee, and library tax.”

        The garbage fee is paid by property owners in New Rochelle.

        You don’t own property in New Rochelle — or anywhere else.

        The hydrant fee is paid by Suez Water rate payers. You are not a Suez Water customer so do not pay for water in New Rochelle and so do not pay a hydrant fee.

        You say “WE as voters have no idea what hidden agendas these developers may have.”

        You are not registered to vote in New Rochelle or even New York State.

        You say “WE don’t have access to them the way WE do our elected leaders.”

        You do not vote in elections in New Rochelle and do not live here so the New Rochelle City Council has nothing to do with you.

        You are also making quite a few claims about City finances that are about a decade out of date.

        I am not saying you should or should not have opinions and I know you to be eloquent and a very good writer but you should not portray yourself as a New Rochelle voter, property owner or resident when you are not. It is really not fair to my readers if I were to let slide your attempting to pass yourself off as something you are not.

        That said, you know I hope that someday you can move back to New Rochelle. I worked to help you deal with the Civil Service Commission to get you a job at City Hall, to help you locate affordable housing in the area, to help you track down your Dad’s car in Mount Vernon, to help when your father, was being taken advantage of, given you rides places, reviewed your lawsuits and more. I wish you the very best but you cannot use my site to deceive my readers.

        Honestly, I will admit I am a bit disappointed that you are joining in on the “attack” on me as part of the Peter Parente Fan Club. Your Dad was a veteran. When your Dad needed help did you call Peter to help you? Did he help you? As I remember it, you called ME and I went to great lengths to do everything you asked me to do to help you and your veteran father in the twilight of his life. I did not (and do not) ask anything of you when you call out of the blue desperate for help and I dropped everything and came to get you, and help you, and drive you around Westchester looking for the car that blood-sucking leech exploiting your father’s medical condition basically stole from your Dad while your father was hospitalized and unable to take care of himself. Even your own brother would not help you but I did. So, I think maybe next time you need help you should call Peter since you think he is such a great guy.

        What you and his apologists do not seem to understand is that Peter has done a lot of bad stuff and gotten help from a lot of people, including me, to cover for him including keeping him out of jail. People like me did that BECAUSE of his past military service and the good things he has done for the community but at some point the debits start to outweigh the credits. As someone who once thought highly of Peter, as someone who knows many of the people defending Peter now, I do understand the mindset on display now but the simple fact is that Peter Parente is not a well person and those who continue to indulge him are enablers who are helping to sow the seeds of the self-destruction that has made him persona non grata at City Hall and many, many other corners of New Rochelle. I hope someday he gets the help he needs but everything I hear suggests to me he is out on an epic emotional bender, convinced of his own superiority, heedless of the concerns of people to close to him, oblivious to the wreckage he is causing to himself and others. People on his trajectory have only three outcomes: death, prison or recovery. While all people of good will are praying for option 3, that can only come about if Peter has a moment of clarity and makes the decision that his way ain’t working. That can happen. It can happen at any time. But until the those who are encouraging him on his current path are doing tremendous harm.

      1. No.

        Peter Parente was removed from a City Committee by his own brother-in-law.

        Peter Parente runs UVMPA and that organization has been denied public funds for a Memorial Day event.

      2. Y is it ok forMuslim public figures to call for the death of OUR PRESIDENT, n the rape n murder of his wife n son ! Where is the outrage over their rants. They r supposed to work for the American people not Allah! Strip them of power n deport them ASAP !

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