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IT’S OFFICIAL: City Removes New Rochelle Veterans Committee Member Following Hate-Filled Xenophobic Screed on Facebook

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — After a false start over the weekend, the City Council met last night in Executive Session to consider a request by Council Member Lou Trangucci to remove Peter Parente from the New Rochelle Veterans Advisory Council. The City Council agreed to Trangucci’s request to remove Parente from the VAC. Parente was notified of the Council’s decision by email earlier today.

The decision came four days after publishing an angry, vile rant on Facebook in which he appeared to call for killing immigrants, muslims and Democratic presidential candidates.

Over the weekend, Trangucci issued a brief statement to Talk of the Sound

“I totally denounce what he said,” said Trangucci” I am officially removing him from the veterans advisory committee.”

Parente, a well-known figure in Westchester for his role as organizer of the largest Memorial Day celebration in the County, was appointed to the VAC by Trangucci, his sister’s husband.

Each member of Council appoints one member of the committee with the City Manager appointing the Chairman.

The decision to remove Parente was made in response to a profanity-laced tirade posted on Facebook in which Parente likened immigrants, muslims and Democratic presidential candidates to cockroaches that should be “exterminated”.

Following his initial private post on Friday night where he blamed immigrants for overcrowded schools and overwhelming the healthcare system, described muslims as terrorists, denounced people who do not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and branded Democrats as communists, Parente spent the rest of the weekend doubling-down as his Facebook friends egged him on, encouraging him to run for local office and even Congress. Prominent among them, perennial crank school board candidate Vince Malfetano.

Parente and some commenters proposed an armed response.

“They need to not only be stopped, they need to be removed and or de fucking ported,” said Parente who proposed New Rochelle residents should arm themselves to control the borders of New Rochelle

“More illegals and refugees running around New Rochelle than we can count…schools are overloaded with privileged immigrants and refugees,” said Parente.

Parente is currently facing criminal weapons charges after police found an unregistered, illegally modified weapon in his home. He recently pled guiltily to two counts of contempt for violating a court order.

A proposal by the New Rochelle Veterans Advisory Committee for the creation of a funded position of Veteran Services Director to “enhance a non-partisan approach toward the veteran community in New Rochelle” was on the agenda for the City Council Meeting on Tuesday March 12th. The VAC has also proposed that under City mandate, a Veteran Service Organization be created under IRS code 501(c)(19) to access different pockets of funding for veteran focused programs.


Member of New Rochelle Veterans Advisory Committee in Foul-Mouthed Rant Against Democrats, Immigrants and Muslims

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  1. Destroy a good man simply because he was express his frustrations with the radical nonsense that is going on in this country.

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