Shouted Down Tuesday, New Rochelle Superintendent Gets the Last Word on Wednesday

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Superintendent Dr. Laura Feijóo recorded a video version of her Superintendent Update and released it online Wednesday. She was prevented from delivering her remarks after she was repeatedly booed and heckled at Tuesday night’s meeting of the New Rochelle Board of Education at Daniel Webster Elementary School.

Feijóo Video: Superintendent Update

SUMMARY (rough notes)


  • Personnel investigations are ongoing (DeRienzo, Luczkowski)
  • Student Voice – students can hold rallies during lunch periods or off-periods but students cannot miss class or disrupt the educational process. Students that missed class for the Coach D rally last Friday will be subject to the Code of Conduct. There is an investigation into reports from parents that some teachers dismissed class so students could attend the Coach D rally. Met with Alternative Campus to come up with solutions based on an earlier protest.
  • Alternative Campus – adding science labs
  • Cabinet Level Vacancies – interviewing for Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources (ex-Williams) and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction (ex-Parvey). Decisions expected in the coming weeks.
  • Suspensions – suspension letters will be standardized, include language on restorative practices.
  • Candy & Food Sales – the policy says its prohibited during the school day, looking to add healthy snacks during the school day which requires a change of board policy.
  • Fundraising – Dr. Parvey asked that school administrators be trained on fundraising (not exactly, Amy Moselhi pushed this). Principal had a meeting on 11/20 on fundraising to insure we are in compliance. There will be additional training with “interested parents on the PTA Council” as well as Board members.
  • Budget – working with Mr. Kern on equity formula, NYS Funding Transparency form,
  • Safety Incident involving Dr. Feijóo, people thought she needed security protection, never felt threatened, people expressing their views.
  • Construction update at next meeting, how that will impact summer programs.

Response to Inquiries:

  • Flag Policy – consistent with state requirements and other local districts so no change in current policies.
  • TV Station – board meetings will be available live on the cable access educational channel, hope to start in December.

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  1. She was booed and heckled for good reason. She is not a good representation of the community and her lack of tact at the embryonic stages of her time in the district is a bad sign for things to come.

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