New Rochelle School District Respondents to Football Team Video.

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — The City School District of New Rochelle has created a video response to a video put out by the New Rochelle High School Football Team.

Includes the line …”without knowing WHEN Coach DiRienzo will return”.

Will Coach D ever coach another football game for New Rochelle?

Here is the new video:

CSDNR Reply to Football Team

Here is the original video:

New Rochelle Football Team Asks School District Leaders to End Coach D Saga

2 thoughts on “New Rochelle School District Respondents to Football Team Video.”

  1. Nothing more than a Superintendent who is trying to get even with the community for rejecting her hiring. No one has ever been reassigned for that long without knowing what was the charge. The Coach and teacher who were reassigned were no threat to the student body and should not have been punished for that long. This is a power play by this Superintendent throwing her weight around.!

  2. Cue the dueling banjos “Deliverance” theme for dueling videos. I wonder how much the slick video, dripping with sincerity, cost NR taxpayers.

    The new Supt is clearly trying to de-personalize and distance herself from the confrontation.

    New Rochelle school system never lacks drama!

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