Embattled BOE President Brought Alcohol into New Rochelle Middle School

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — New Rochelle Board of Education President Amy Moselhi has declined to comment on reports she gave away dozens of bottles of imported wine to school employees in clear violation of Board Policy and New York State Law.

Alcohol, illegal drugs and tobacco are prohibited on school grounds under New York State law and Board Policy.

Policy 5165 states “no person may use, possess, sell or distribute alcohol…on school grounds or at school sponsored events.”

Policy 1530 states “the following acts committed on School District property or within the jurisdiction of the School District, whether performed singly or in concert with others, shall be violations of these rules and regulations: (12) Possession, sale, or use of any drug or controlled substance, including alcohol which is in violation of any state or federal law or possession of any related paraphernalia.

Over the past few years several employees have been terminated for violating Board Policy 5165 and Board Policy 5130 — or even having an EMPTY bottle.

Moselhi presided over highly contentious board meetings after former head football coach Lou DiRienzo was effectively fired by the District as a result of his actions involving a drunk student at New Rochelle High School.

Several days ago three high school students were taken to the Emergency Room for suspected alcohol consumption, sources say. One of the students threw up in the Main Office

Sources tell Talk of the Sound Moselhi gave her child’s teachers at Albert Leonard Middle School bottles of Prosecco, an Italian sparkling wine that has become increasingly popular for its reputation of getting drinkers drink faster or “Prosecco drunk”. One bottle remains, a month later, in the school’s main office (pictured above).

It’s official: drinking Prosecco does get you drunk quicker

School officials did not respond to a request for comment and answers to questions which include;

How exactly did the alcohol get to the school Did Ms. Moselhi or her child deliver it? Was it shipped by a parcel carrier? Did a local retailer deliver it?

How did it get into the school? Did security staff and/or building leadership know alcohol was brought into the school? How did individual teachers receive the alcohol – was it left somewhere for them to take? In their mailbox? Was it hand-delivered to their classroom?

Is any of the alcohol still in the school? Was any of it consumed in the school?

What disciplinary action has been or will be taken?

What are the legal implications of enforcing the alcohol policy in some cases but in the cases involving Ms. Moselhi and the teachers who accept alcohol from her?

What are the ethical considerations? Are employees permitted to accept gifts? Is there a dollar value limit? Did the gifts given by Ms. Moselhi exceed that limit? Are there any ethics rules about board members giving gifts to specific employees? Not giving gifts to others?

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