New York Daily News Defends Scare Front Page Cover Depicting Queen City as NEW ROCH-HELL

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — New York Daily News Editor-in-Chief Robert York has responded to an Open Letter, publisher by Talk of the Sound, by a New Rochelle resident who complained that a recent NYDN Cover stigmatized New Rochelle residents causing the cancellation of sports events out of fear that New Rochelle residents would participate.

OPEN LETTER: A New Rochelle Resident’s Open Letter to The Daily News

Mr. Bongiorni,

Thanks for your note and apologies for the delay in responding.

I’m sorry for the aggravation and anxiety you, your family and your neighbors are experiencing – through no fault of your own.

I took away from your note a significant amount of anger at both the situation and The Daily News for, in your view, compounding the grief.

The headline was not intended to cast a label on your town. It was intended to describe the current situation the residents are facing every day this pandemic gets worse and with no end in sight.

Having events cancelled, neighbors hospitalized, schools closed, places of worship uncertain on what to do, family celebrations postponed and all the while living with a fear that an unseen virus can cause more disruption is a hellish moment in the town’s 121-year history.

I’m also certain your neighbors and you will have difficulty accepting my explanation behind the headline but I thought it only fair to explain it.

Good luck as you and your neighbors battle through this tragedy.


Robert York

2 thoughts on “New York Daily News Defends Scare Front Page Cover Depicting Queen City as NEW ROCH-HELL”

  1. Dear Mr York,
    You are typical of the media that reports opinionated news instead of factual news. Your headline was typical of a headline from the National Enquirer, a publication that relies on horrific headlines in order to sell newspapers. You are a disgrace to journalism, and I hope this headline will cause readers to bypass your paper.

  2. Cancel your subscription to print, digital & over the counter purchase. Simple NO explanation required!

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