New Rochelle PBA Accuses Mayor, City Council of Pandering in Kamal Flowers Shooting Investigation

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — The New Rochelle PBA issued a statement accusing Mayor Noam Bramson and Members of City Council to “pandering” by requesting Governor Andrew Cuomo appoint New York State Attorney General Tish James as Special Prosecutor in the Kamal Flowers case.

The New Rochelle PBA maintains its confidence in any authority to conduct a fair, thorough, and transparent investigation in the officer involved shooting of an armed suspect.

It is apparent to the New Rochelle PBA that the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office and the New York State Police are the lead agencies conducting this investigation. Based on the evidence and information already released by the New Rochelle Police Department, we are anticipating that most will have confidence in the investigation and its conclusions.

We are curious however, why our elected officials from New Rochelle lack the confidence in Westchster County District Attorney, Anthony Scarpino and the New York State Police. We further wonder why Mayor Bramson and the New Rochelle City Council are writing to Governor Andrew Cuomo and overstating the “intense concern” within the entire New Rochelle community. In fact, it’s quite the opposite in our estimation and this appeal by our elected officials feels like nothing more than pandering.

Our community must move forward together, sooner rather than later.

The PBA welcomes the AG to conduct its own investigation, but the elected officials from New Rochelle do not speak on our behalf, and have again forgotten that the New Rochelle PBA IS PART of the “entire community of New Rochelle.”

I do not recall anyone from the Mayor’s Office and City Council reaching out for our opinions, did they ask for yours? Let us know, and let them know.

Chris Greco

New Rochelle PBA President

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3 thoughts on “New Rochelle PBA Accuses Mayor, City Council of Pandering in Kamal Flowers Shooting Investigation”

  1. “The-Best-Part? Your-Voice-Can-Also-Be-Heard-On-Our-Platform! ”

    What utter bullshit.

    Unless you voice doesn’t line up with the prevailing thought police here, Bob? Is that how it works at T of TS?

    ‘Cause I’d have sworn in court that I posted my “voice ” here on this story five days ago.

    And like internet magic, it’s been disappeared. Aww…Somebody no likee’ what I said about the Mayor and his squad?

    So read this and don’t post this one either Bob, cause you’re completely full of crap.

  2. I followed this incident closely from the very beginning.

    The story from police kept changing.

    Why would it bother anyone that an independent investigation is being conducted?

    Perhaps the fear of the truth being exposed?

    We all watched the video, it is obvious that the police report does not match what was recorded.

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