Talk of the Sound Podcast S01E25

Written By: Robert Cox

Show Notes for June 23rd 2020

Talk of the Sound Podcast is Hosted by Robert Cox, Produced in conjunction with

The show is based on live interviews of Robert Cox by Bob Marrone, hosting of Mornings with Bob Marrone. You can listen live every Tuesday between 11:00 am – 12:00 pm. The interviews are collected each week and edited into the Talk of the Sound Podcast.

In this episode, Bob Marrone and I take on School Elections Renaming Public Schools, Removing Columbus Statute from Hudson Park, Fireworks, New Ro Eats on Division Street, City Council asks Cuomo to appoint Tish James to Kamal Flowers, Defunding NRPD, and other Talk of the Sound Twitter polls

Has the Time Come for New Rochelle to Rename Its Public Schools?

Who is Setting Off All the Fireworks?

New Rochelle Police Arrest Man After Video Of Hard Slap Circulated on Social Media

Why Was Kamal Flowers in a Traffic Stop Before He Was Shot and Killed by New Rochelle Police?

Questions Emerge About Traffic Stop that Preceded New Rochelle Police Shooting as Mayor, Cops Back Off Tinted Windows Tale\

ONE MORE FAIL: No Results on Election Night From New Rochelle School District

New Rochelle School Budget Approved; Katie and Adina Elected to School Board

New Rochelle Calls on Cuomo to Appoint Tish James as Special Prosecutor in Shooting Death of Black Man by White Police Officer

As Video is Released, New York AG Sides with New Rochelle Police: Kamal Flowers was Armed