New Rochelle Police Arrest Man After Video Of Hard Slap Circulated on Social Media

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — A man was arrested Tuesday in connection with a viral video.

In the video, Longmore-Rodriguez, who goes by Diego Wick on his now-private Instagram account, is seen talking into a video camera as a man stands behind him. Suddenly, Wick turns and slaps the man with such forced the man is knocked to the ground.

The incident occurred June 12 at Main Street and North Avenue, according to police.

New Rochelle Police followed up on the video which has been circulating on social media.

Divine Longmore-Rodriguez (aka, Diego Wick), 22, of New Rochelle was located by New Rochelle Police at Mayflower Avenue and Mount Joy Place at 10:50 a.m. on June 16, arrested and charged with Menacing 3rd degree, a Class B Misdemeanor, and Harassment 2nd degree, a Violation.

Longmore-Rodriguez was arraigned yesterday in New Rochelle City Court (virtually), according to court records. A temporary order of protection was issued for the victim and defendant was released.  He is due back in court on July, 14 2020 for an all purposes conference.

NRPD thanked residents for notifying them of the video.

“Over the weekend, several residents sent the New Rochelle PD Facebook page a disturbing social media post of what appeared to be an assault of a local resident,” read a message from police on their Facebook page. “Thanks to all those who provided the video.”

The suspect involved was identified, located, and arrested, according to the NRPD Facebook post.

NOTE: We have requested further details on the arrest and will publish them here when we get them.

WARNING: Some may find this video disturbing.

Hard Slap Video:

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  1. Hey. I have relatives in New Ro, and this dumb ass slapping this guy, is the best New Rochelle has to offer. At least in that age group. And u know whats sad, he probably has females attracted to this…

  2. Wow I see this guy all the time! He’s harmless. I can’t believe that dude just hit him like that. If I see him in the streets of New Rochelle he’ll catch these hands mad quick

  3. dont blame white people for him acting like a thug, step up and take some responsibility, he is just a punk that will wind up in jail also.

  4. Please do not ruin your comment with “All lives matter” because it diminishes the validity of your words. The Black Lives Matter Movement should not be made a mockery of.

    He’s an arrogant bully and does not deserve to utter the words “Black Lives Matter.”

  5. I’m a product of a white rtan system too. I was raised to treat others as you would want to be treated. My mom is a woman who did not have a high paying job and she raised us in a tenement among other poor people.

    This is an arrogant bully and that’s why he did what he did.

  6. I see Jacob in front of the stores all the time. He does not bother anyone one. Always saying, “Happy Monday or what every day of the week it is on that day, he would verbally express his happiness .After what I saw on the video, it’s very clear that this young man should not get away with this treatment of another human being. And the nerve of him to add black lives matter! What he did to Jacob is the behavior that people are protesting and marching: equal treatment and equal rights,,,,,,Not Right!!!! This man should be taught a lesson, ALL LIVES MATTER!!!

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