Love Triangle Leads to Attempted Murder in New Rochelle, Connecticut Orthodontist Charged

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — A woman was arrested this morning by New Rochelle police after she stabbed another woman in the neck. The victim was identified by police as the girlfriend of Crew’s former fiancé.

Alika Crew, 41, of 102 Ward Drive in New Rochelle, an Orthodontist working out of a dental office in Stamford, Connecticut, was arrested and booked for Attempted Murder Second Degree.

According to records on file with the City of New Rochelle Building Bureau, Alika Crew owns the house at 102 Ward Drive just around the corner from Hillandale Drive. Also residing in the house was her ex-fiancé who neighbors say was a Corrections Officer at Rikers Island. The pair were no longer engaged.

A neighbor who was able to identify Alika Crew, told police of seeing Crew in a running outfit on her back patio at about 6:00 a.m. then leave the area. The victim, described by police as a 30-year old woman, spent the night at the house at 102 Ward Drive, according to neighbors.

From a police statement issued this afternoon, it appears Crew got into the victim’s car and waited for over an hour for the woman to leave the house. As the victim drove away from the house at 102 Ward Drive, Crew attacked the victim with an edged-weapon — reportedly a box cutter– slicing her in the neck and hand.

The victim stopped her car near Somerset and Hillandale and ran from the car. Crew followed. She and the victim were in a physical altercation on the ground in the street when neighbors came outside to the sound of the victim yelling for help. Neighbors called 911. Before police arrived Crew, aware she was being observed by neighbors, left the scene as the victim screamed for help.

A neighbor provided video for what happened next:

As the victim screams, appearing to be in shock, neighbors engage her to try to understand what happened. The victim says she has been cut in her throat and hand.

The neighbor who called police says the police are responding to a report of a dog bite.

“You’re the one who attacked her,” says a neighbor as Crew returns to the scene moments later offering to provide medical assistance to the victim. “You ran away,” she adds.

Crew denies she is the attacker and the neighbor, confused, recognizes Crews as her neighbor, a doctor.

The victim becomes frantic, shouting “get away from me” and “leaving me alone” as Crew approaches her. As the victim runs away, saying “she’s lying”, Crew chases her and grabs her, putting her arms around, parroting what the neighbors are saying, “I’m a doctor”.

Crew puts the victim in a bear hug as the victim shouts “she’s the one who cut me”.

The video ends before one of the neighbors leaves to go to 102 Ward Drive to tell the ex-fiancé something was going on with Crew. The ex-fiancé drove to the scene and expressed bewilderment saying “I was just texting her”.

The police arrived soon after. The victim was taken away in an ambulance.

Crew spoke with police then the ex-fiancé and Crew left the scene as police canvassed the neighborhood.

Two hours later, police arrested Crew.

According to a police statement, New Rochelle Police Officers responded to the vicinity of Hillandale Drive and Aspen Drive at about 7:16 am on what was initially reported as an emergency medical service call (dog bite)

Upon arrival, Officers located a 30 year old female victim with a deep puncture wound to the left side of her neck.  Also located on scene was Alika Crew aged 41 who was rendering medical aid to the victim and claimed to be a Good Samaritan.

The victim told Officers that the female rendering aid was in fact her assailant and that she had been stabbed. She said Crew had secreted herself in the victim’s car, and the victim had entered her car and driven a short distance, at which time she was assaulted on Hillandale Drive.

The victim was taken to a local hospital with serious injury.

In a statement, the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office said Crew was arraigned following her arrest in New Rochelle City Court before Judge Anthony A. Carbone via video conference. She was charged with Attempted Murder in the Second Degree, a class B felony. Bail was set at $250,000 bond/partially secured bond and $150,000 cash.

Crew is scheduled to be back in court on August 19, 2020.

The Westchester County District Attorney’s Office New Rochelle Branch is handling the case.

UPDATE: Alika Crew is an Orthodontist working out of a dental office in Stamford, Connecticut (h/t @aiellotv).

 Dr. Crew received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Brown University and her dental degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. She continued her post-doctoral dental education with a residency in orthodontics at Case Western Reserve University, where she also earned a Master’s degree in the science of dentistry.

She completed her Master’s These at Case Western in 2007: A Study of Orthodontic Stability Following Hawley Retainer Use.

 UPDATE: Tony Aiello of CBS2 News has additional details in the case.

New Details Emerge About Dentist Accused Of Trying To Kill Her Romantic Rival In New Rochelle

  • Crew purchased 102 Ward Drive for $800,000 18 months ago.
  • Crew is also affiliated with a dental practice in Jackson Heights, Queens.
  • Crew’s mother is a retired school principal.
  • Crew’s father is a prominent historian, formerly the Director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. — the youngest and the first African-American director of a major Smithsonian museum.
  • Crew’s younger brother is also a dentist.
  • Crew had duct tape and rubber gloves with her in the victim’s car.
  • Crew remains in custody at the Westchester County Jail in Valhalla, NY.
  • The edged-weapon was a razor blade.
  • The victim underwent surgery. She had two wounds, one in the hand the other in the neck near an artery.

UPDATE 7/30: Talk of the Sound spoke exclusively with a work colleague of Dr. Crew who expressed shock and disbelief over the allegations.

“I don’t know who this women is but I know Dr. Crew,” said April Morrison, who says she has worked with Dr. Alika Crew for 13 years at the Stein Dental Group in Stamford CT. “It’s just not in her makeup to do something like this.”

Morrison works as a receptionist at the Stamford dental office where Dr. Crew works, including a stint working directly for Dr. Crew.

“She has an exceptional work ethic,” said Morrison who described Crew as highly professional and a caring, sweet, generous person.”

“When I was home sick she came to my house with a care package CB,” Morrison added.

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