GETTING RESULTS: Yvette Goorevitch Rejected as Assistant Superintendent in New Rochelle, Mount Vernon Educator Chosen

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — The New Rochelle Board of Education had appointed Dr. Jackielyn Manning-Campbell as Assistant Superintendent for Student Support Services at tonight’s school board meeting effective December 14, 2020.

The decision to hire Dr. Manning-Campbell confirms that Yvette Goorevitch was rejected as a candidate for the position.

Dr. Jackielyn Manning Campbell was Associate Superintendent for Human Resources in Mount Vernon City School District until her appointment as Assistant Superintendent For Student Support Services in July 2018. She left Mount Vernon in March to take the position of Associate Superintendent for Human Resources in White Plains.

“I hope to provide parents with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how our partnership is beneficial to continued student growth, focuses on how we support students’ social and emotional needs, and creates safe and supportive spaces for student learners,” she said.

Her appointment in New Rochelle hits closer to home than other roles – literally.

“I am a member of the community and have lived in New Rochelle since 2001,” she said. “I currently have two children in the school district.”

She will replace the recently retired Dr. Anthony Bongo in a top position that gives her a seat on Interim Superintendent Dr. Alex Marrero’s cabinet.

“Dr. Manning Campbell’s experience and approach to education make her an ideal fit for this important role,” Dr. Marrero said. “What’s more, her understanding of the Westchester area and devotion to the community will make her a perfect partner with our parents and supporting community organizations.”

She will oversee special education, guidance, the medical director’s office and pupil services. Her aim will be to ensure that all students have the skills and are provided the supports needed to thrive both in school and beyond.

“We are an integral partner with the families from the time a student enters our educational system through graduation, inclusive of college and career pathways for success,” she said.

Though Dr. Manning Campbell’s ties to New Rochelle hold special meaning, her ambitions for the District remain the same as in her other roles: an emphasis on equity and access to services and programs for all students in the District.

“My hope is to create this focus through a network of inclusive and transparent support by including teachers, school counselors and building administrators,” she said.

Dr. Manning-Campbell was a faculty member of the Mount Vernon City School District going back to 2004 and served in a variety of educational, administrative and leadership roles. Her background spans the entire education spectrum, with experience teaching and providing administrative leadership in elementary, middle, high school and higher education.

She currently serves as a committee member for doctoral students at St. John Fisher College, her former school. She also serves as an executive coach for doctoral students at the Esteves School of Education at The Sage Colleges.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration and a master’s degree in Elementary Education from Lehman College, a second master’s degree in Supervision and Administration from Mercy College, and a doctoral degree in Executive Leadership from St. John Fisher College.


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