CAPTURED: Suspect in Taxi Driver Murder Fires at New Rochelle Police Until He Runs Out of Ammo in Wild Brooklyn Shootout

Written By: Robert Cox

BROOKLYN, NY — In a wild Sunday morning shootout in Brooklyn, New Rochelle Police Detectives took into custody Percell Lamont Ross, 52 years of age, of Covington, Virginia. He will be charged with Homicide as well as multiple other charges stemming from today’s incident.

Ross is a wanted Fugitive from Justice in Connecticut for Attempted Murder and for Sex Trafficking in Virginia.

At about 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, October 17th, 2021, New Rochelle Police Detectives — after an exhaustive and extensive investigation, in collaboration with the FBI SafeStreets Task Force and the Westchester County Police Real-Time Crime Center — conducted surveillance with the FBI on NYCHA’s Ingersoll House in the area of Myrtle Avenue and Fleet Place, a housing project apartment complex in Brooklyn where the suspect in the October 14th shooting death of New Rochelle taxi driver Andres Valenzuela was believed to be.

New Rochelle Police Detectives located the suspect in the courtyard of the complex and attempted to apprehend him. As the police identified themselves and ordered him to stop, the suspect began shooting at the police and attempted to flee on foot. The suspect continued to shoot at police in various directions as they converged on him. Several officers returned fire. The suspect ultimately surrendered when he ran out of ammunition.

No one was injured in the gun fire.

The suspect was taken into custody by New Rochelle Detectives and then turned over to the FBI.

He is facing federal charges in addition to the murder charge for killing Andres Valenzuela on October 14th in New Rochelle.

The gun used today to shoot at the police was a .22 caliber revolver and is believed to be the same weapon used in the Cab Driver Homicide. It was taken into evidence and a ballistics check is forthcoming.


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