Sparkling Pinebrook Tennis Center Reopens in New Rochelle After Yearlong $1.1 mm Renovation

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY (June 29, 2022) — If you like tennis you are going to love the new tennis courts unveiled by the New Rochelle Department of Parks and Recreation.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held today to celebrate the new and improved tennis courts at Pinebrook Tennis Center.

After being closed for a year for renovations, Pinebrook Tennis Center now has 8 brand-new Laykold courts, with two lined for pickleball.

Underneath the new US Open-color playing surface and white court lines is post-tensioned concrete. There are new tennis posts & nets, a sealed and finished surface and, off the court, new fencing, bleachers and benches.

The Center’s restrooms have also been painted and surrounding areas paved. The renovations totaled $1.1 million.

On hand to celebrate was Parks and Recreation Commissioner Vin Parise, Mayor Noam Bramson, City Manager Charles B. Strome, Corporation Counsel Kathleen Gill, Council Members Liz Fried and Sara Kaye, Development Commissioner Adam Salgado, Building Commissioner Paul Vacca, and recently retired Parks and Recreation Commissioner Bill Zimmerman.

“The recent improvements at the Pinebrook Tennis Center truly change the face of this facility,” said Commissioner Vin Parise. “The total reconstruction of the tennis courts, a new foundation identical to the US Open courts, along with the installation of new fencing, allows New Rochelle residents to play at a top notch tennis facility. We are equally excited about the addition of pickleball courts, a sport that is growing in popularity by the day!”

“The restoration of the Pinebrook Tennis Center is a great example of New Rochelle’s commitment to investing in our future. Players throughout our community will now be able to enjoy a premier recreational facility for decades to come,” said Mayor Noam Bramson.

Annual tennis cards are available to New Rochelle residents. For those with a current tennis card, Parise announces those cards are being extended until the end of 2022.

To renew or purchase a card, visit New Rochelle Parks office at 515 North Ave. Monday – Friday, 830am-430pm, or email To learn more visit

Additionally, tennis lessons & camps are offered through a partnership with USA Sport Group.

The next phase will focus on the steps/main entrance to the facility, paving of the parking lot and the restructure of the paddle courts. All are planned to be addressed in the 2022 capital project.

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