New Rochelle’s Aggressive Panhandler Released from County Jail

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY (August 17, 2022) — Edward Conklin was released moments ago from the Westchester County Jail, a few weeks earlier than expected.

Why it matters: Conklin is an aggressive panhandler with a history of drug dealing and violence who had for over a decade frequented downtown New Rochelle.

Recent Criminal History:

Conklin was incarcerated at the Westchester County Jail in Valhalla since February

In New Rochelle, Conklin was facing 3 dockets: CR-04169-21 (panhandling), CR-04753-21 (knife in sock in jail), and CR-05129-21 (crack cocaine pipe)

In White Plains he was facing 5 dockets: CR-03175-21 (crack cocaine), CR-03176-21 (synthetic drug), CR-03802-21 (assault-3rd), CR-04465-21 (synthetic drug), and CR-06665-21 (synthetic drug, cocaine)

The Westchester County District Attorney settled a string of misdemeanor dockets facing Conklin in a two-step global disposition.

  • New Rochelle Criminal Court Judge Jared R. Rice on May 9, 2020
  • White Plains Criminal Court Judge Eric Press on May 10, 2022

We have been reporting on Conklin since 2010. He achieved a degree of fame — or infamy — when his robbery of the 87-year-old owner of the Bread Factory (since deceased) was featured on national television as part of the A&A TV series “I Survived a Crime”.

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