Notorious New Rochelle Panhandler Remanded to County Jail for Mental Exam

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Edward Conklin, 61, will be off the street for a little while after he appeared in New Rochelle City Court via a remote video conference from the New Rochelle Police Jail.

Judge Susan I. Kettner remanded Conklin to the Westchester County Jail for a “730” psychological exam to determine his mental fitness to stand trial. She set a return date of December 18th with the provision that the date could be moved up if the 730 is completed sooner.

Conklin was arrested Thursday morning after a warrant was issued by Judge Jared Rice due to Conklin’s failure to appear in court on Monday.

Conklin is notorious drug addict, drug dealer and a thief and notoriously aggressive and sometimes, violent panhandler.

Conklin is currently facing a felony charge of Robbery — Third, 2 misdemeanors (drugs) and 20 City Code violations.

During a conference at the bench, Kettner expressed concerns with Conklin’s pattern of behavior, noting some questions of his violations occurred on the same day.

Conklin was arrested on August 11th, a strong-arm robbery, captured on CCTV surveillance video obtained by Talk of the Sound. The victim was Anthony Orza, an 87-year-old man and owner of the Bread Factory in New Rochelle.

As Orza was placing items in the back of his car his back was turned to Conklin, who can be seen walking on the sidewalk along Grove Avenue near Warren Street, heading in the direction of downtown New Rochelle.

Conklin stopped and asked Orza for a dollar.

Anyone familiar with Conklin’s aggressive panhandling will recognize his familiar “introduction”.

Orza turned and walked unsuspectingly towards Conklin who stood still except for his left hand flapping excitedly by his side.

Orza told police he reached into his pocket to take out cash. As he handed Conklin two dollars, Conklin took the two dollars with his left-hand then with both hands immediately grabbed another $800 he had in his other hand. A brief physical altercation ensued before Conklin broke free of Orza, taking Orza’s money and left the scene, heading West on Grove Avenue.

Andrea Oliveri, Orza’s daughter told police she observed the incident from a CCTV video monitor in the store then came outside to find out what happened. When her father told her Conklin took his money, Oliveri pursued Conklin for half a mile to a building. After Conklin arrived, New Rochelle Police arrived and arrested Conklin.

When Conklin was arrested in the past he gave police a home address of 40 Sixth Street which is approximately a half mile from the Bread Factory.

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