4 thoughts on “Wonderama with Bob McAllister”

  1. My father was on Wonderama
    my father was on the Wonderama show in 1973 – love the segments of “exercise , exercise” . Also “does anyone have an aardvark?”. He went to see the Mets (and Willie Mays) after the show – He told me it was the best day in life up to that time..

  2. I loved Wonderama!
    I remember my brothers and I watching Wonderama on Saturday mornings. It was the best. Not only do I remember the snake cans, but I remember that the kids brought bags of stuff because they would be rewarded if they pulled random items out of their bags, e.g. “Does anyone have an teddy bear?” Then, remember when the kids had to burst balloons with their buts? Then they all got mini-bagels on necklaces at the end. Zoom was just not as good. Bring back Wonderama!!

  3. McAllister was a partner in
    McAllister was a partner in a New Rochelle Skating Rink called ” The Rink” after his retirement from TV.
    Wonderama was hosted by Sonny Fox years ahead of Bob McAllister.

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