New Rochelle School Board Member Tied to Feijóo Fiasco Hired by Mount Vernon School District

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — New Rochelle Board of Education Member, and recent Board President, Amy Moselhi has been hired as Assistant Business Manager by the Mount Vernon Board of Education.

Moselhi had previously interned in the Mount Vernon school business office while earning the required credentials to become a certified School Business Official, sources say.

Moselhi was recommended by Dr. Kenneth R. Hamilton, Superintendent of Schools at the school board meeting on February 2nd. Her hiring was approved by the Board by a vote of 7-0 (see BoardDoc images below).

Moselhi was elected to the New Rochelle Board of Education in May 2017 and sworn in on July 5, 2017. She was elected as Board Vice President in July 2018 along with Jeffrey Hastie as Board President.

Moselhi was elected Board President in July 2019 with Paul Warhit as Board Vice President. Moselhi was voted out as Board President after a single tumultuous one-year term (typically but not always, Board Presidents in New Rochelle serve two consecutive one-year terms). Warhit was voted out as Board Vice President days after he made comments during a public board meeting that many board members found offensive. He resigned from the board several months later.

Moselhi’s one term on the New Rochelle Board of Education ends June 30, 2022.

Moselhi was a staunch defender of Dr. Laura Feijóo who was effectively run out of town in less than a year, primarily related to controversy over Feijóo’s $90 million “reverse-discrimination” lawsuit and the controversial suspension of long-time Head Football Coach Louis DiRienzo.

Moselhi played a central role in a corrupt real estate transaction that resulted in a complaint filed with the New York State Comptroller.

Moselhi is the second New Rochelle Board of Education President to parlay a board position into a paying job. In 2011, former Board President Sara Richmond left the board and less than two months later took a job as a lawyer for the law firm representing the District. Ironically, Moselhi played a role in replacing Richmond’s law firm as outside counsel. Richmond was recently made a partner at her firm.


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