Con Edison Oil Spill Clean Up at New Rochelle Marina Will Continue For a While

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — The cleanup from a transmission feeder fault under Nautilus Place will take a while, according to Con Edison.

The damaged transmission feeder gushed dialectic oil (not PCBs) onto Nautilus Place then into a storm water run off drain and under Drake Avenue before emptying into the waters off Wright Island, an inlet off Long Island Sound.

Liquid dielectric is a dielectric material in liquid state used as electrical insulators in high voltage applications such as transformers, capacitors, high voltage cables, and high voltage switchgear.

“Con Edison’s Spill Management Team is continuing its work with contractors to clean up the site,” said a Con Edison spokesperson. “The immediate and coordinated response along with the effective deployment of resources were critical in successfully containing the situation.”

Based on a tour of the cleanup operations, it is clear the cleanup will take a while.

Con Ed is working with its contractors to actively removing oil or what they call “free product” from the marina and addressing reports of oil in any other areas in the vicinity. Once enough free product is removed, Con Ed will focus on cleanup and decontamination of the marina, boats, docks and any other impacted areas.

Con Edison will pay to decontaminate boats at the Wright Island Marina. The company will be decontaminating all vessels that have been identified as having oil contamination from this incident.

Con Edison crews were hard at work in the hole on Nautilus Place.

Contractors both on shore and on the water were working to contain and clean the spill.

8 thoughts on “Con Edison Oil Spill Clean Up at New Rochelle Marina Will Continue For a While”

  1. A picture says a thousand words. This is a major disaster. Lived one block away on Keogh Lane for many years. Makes me sad.

  2. Soooo can boys be driven in this sludge or not???? I need to know if I can take mine out this weekend.

  3. that’s no surprise . one needs to ask, when did the leak happen.was it a small leak undetected for a while that turned into a large one . can they measure how much oil is missing from the pipeline? looks like more spillage that do you contain a oil spill in a tidal waterway combined with weather . as if the sound isn’t in decline of life enough. are they addressing birds also?like everything else these days, con ed has it’s own version of fake news . one can only hope the sound recovers to a time of several decades past…………

  4. It’s not contained! It’s all over the sound! Mamaroneck harbor is full of it. Claiming “successful containment” is an outright lie.

  5. Glad about the rapid response but concerned that it occurred. Looking forward to your reporting on the cause.

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