Man Shot and Killed by New Rochelle Police

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — A man is dead after he was shot by a New Rochelle police officer.

Kamal Flowers, 24, of New Rochelle, NY was shot once in the heart after police say he was observed holding a gun. Police later said they recovered a Ruger 9mm handgun.

EDITOR’S NOTE: we began coverage at 6 am and have been on scene and at City Hall press conference updating continuously so this post may appear a bit jumbled. We will sort it once we cut video and photos.

UPDATED: 9:39 Black Westchester is reporting the man shot by police is Kamal Flowers.

While very few details have been released yet, two uniformed New Rochelle Police Officers conducted a stop of a vehicle with two black males…The passenger was identified as Khamal Flowers by residents. and the driver (still unidentified) was shot in the foot and taken into custody…Community leaders have called Mayor Noam Bramson, Saturday morning to set up a meeting, requesting any bodycam footage and further details be released.

Talk of the Sound reported on a Kamal Flowers, then 23, in 2015 but he was born December 26, 1991. This story has been updated to clarify this is not the person who died last night.

A man named Kamal Flowers was released from custody on parole by the New York State Department of Corrections to Community Supervision according to state records on March 12, 2020. His age is listed as 24 with a date of birth of December 12, 1995.

During the press conference at noon at New Rochelle City Hall, Mayor Noam Bramson said the man who died was 24.

The incident remains under investigation by the New Rochelle Police Department, the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office and the New York State Office of the Attorney General.

Congressman Eliot Engel has called for a state investigation into the police shooting last night in New Rochelle, requesting that Attorney General James lead the inquiry into the death of an African-American man after a traffic stop.

Community leaders have called Mayor Noam Bramson, Saturday morning to set up a meeting, requesting any bodycam footage and further details be released.

The incident is under investigation by the New Rochelle Police Department, the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office and the New York State Office of the Attorney General. NRPD will hold a press conference later this morning.

The last officer-related shooting in New Rochelle occurred in 2013. A New Rochelle Police Officer shot and killed a mentally-disturbed man wielding a butcher knife.


Potter Avenue is closed in both directions as the investigation continues. Pierce is closed. Fifth Avenue is closed. Media outlets on scene.

NRPD leaving scene of officer-involved shooting.

A statement was issued by the New Rochelle Police Department early Saturday.

On June 5 at about 10:54 pm, two uniformed New Rochelle Police Officers conducted a stop of a Vehicle whose driver had committed several Vehicle and Traffic Law violations. The stop was conducted in the area of Potter Avenue and Pierce Street. Immediately after stopping, a passenger exited the vehicle and fled on foot. After a brief foot pursuit, one of the Officers fired his TASER , a struggle ensued and the man displayed a handgun and pointed it at one of the Officers and attempted to fire. The Officer discharged his duty weapon at the Subject, striking him once. Officers rendered medical assistance to the Subject, who was pronounced deceased while being transported by Ambulance to an area Hospital.

Police said no further information will be released at this time (as of 4:59 am)

UPDATE 7:28 PM: police have left the scene, roads now open in all directions.

@KenBuffa of WNBC got some video of last night’s response from a neighbor.


New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson is holding a community meeting at City Hall for religious and civic leaders and elected officials now, presser to follow.

@WestchesterDA Anthony Scarpino is on hand with NRPD Police Commissioner Joseph Schaller at New Rochelle City Hall.

Reports of Shots Fired near Horton was brick through window of NRPD CIU Truck, says NRPD Commissioner Joseph Schaller.

There are records for a Kamal Flowers age 29 arrested by NRPD in 2015 and a Kamal Flowers age 24 released by NYS Corrections on March 20, 2020. Just told by elected official the man shot was 24, prior history with police, prior history with officers.

NRPD Closing off New Rochelle City Hall, parking lot closed, not clear how voters can cast ballots in school election, advise folks to avoid City Hall for now.

NRPD Tank poised and ready.

NRPD Officers suiting up.

NRPD Commissioner Joseph Schaller outside community meeting.

City Hall Press Conference

New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson addressed the media at City Hall today, flanked by members of New Rochelle City Council Members, Police Officials and leaders of the Black Churches in New Rochelle.

Bramson called the past few months a season and a year of difficult challenges for New Rochelle and for our whole country.

“This may be the most painful morning I can recall in my time of service and one of the most painful I can recall in my entire life,” said Bramson.

“We are standing together united in understanding the gravity of this moment in recognizing that we are all challenged to now engage our community in a way that is constructive and respectful and honest,” he added.

Bramson said this is a moment when authentic voices are of great value.

“We come to you know in a spirit of openness and transparency and honesty,” said Bramson who later declined to answer questions about the criminal background of Kamal Flowers who was known to police and was released from state prison in March.

Bramson later, inadvertently, acknowledged that Flowers had a criminal record and was residing at Heritage Homes in New Rochelle after he was released on parole three months ago.

Bramson expressed sympathy for Flower’s family.

“Our entire community, our entire City, extends condolences to the family and loved ones of Mr. Flowers,” said Bramson.

Pastor David Randolph Holder of New York Covenant Church spoke on behalf of New Rochelle’s black clergy,

“We are in dialogue with the City,” said Holder. “They called us we appreciate that but by no means do we agree with everything that will be said.

“We are here to stand for justice,” Holder added. “We have the opportunity to turn wrong and make it right”.

Bramson provided a rundown of what occurred last night.

On Wednesday, police received a call from residents of Heritage Homes of a vehicle operating in an odd fashion, driving in and out of the complex. The vehicle was a Dodge Charger with Virginia license plates.

EDITOR’S NOTE: City officials told Talk of the Sound on Wednesday after the Police Brutality rally they had a meeting recently with residents of Heritage Homes. The basis of the meeting was residents’ complaints of not enough policing at Heritage Homes. Acting on complaints about the car with the Virginia plates was part of the commitment to be more responsive to complaints to police filed by Heritage Homes residents. As far as the gun, police say they recovered a 9mm Ruger. If that is true, that would explain Jamal Flowers running. He was out on parole, could not legally possess a weapon, and risked going back to prison if police found him with a gun.

Last night two officers in an unmarked police vehicle observed the car making several illegal traffic maneuvers. The vehicles pulled over by police. Flowers exited the passenger side and ran away. Both officers pursued around Pierce Street and Potter Avenue.

The pursuing officer became aware Flowers had gun. The officer fired a Taser gun but it ineffective.

The police officer fired six shots. One shot struck Flowers in the armpit and struck his heart. He was transported to Montefiore Hospital New Rochelle at 11:10 pm. He was intubated. He had no pulse upon arrival and he was declared dead at 11:24 pm.

Bramson said there was audiotape of dispatch communications with the two police officers and video from a camera at a nearby business. Both will be replaced to public and press. He warned the quality was poor but would be enhanced.

The shooter has been on the force for 5 years, the other officer for 3

Bramson said he spoke to the Westchester County District Attorney Anthony Scarpino and New York State Attorney Tish James.

“The City stands ready to partner fully with the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office and the New York State Attorney General a comprehensive and thorough investigation and that it be perceived as comprehensive and thorough,” said Bramson.

Bramson noted it has been 7 years since a New Rochelle police officer discharged their weapon in any setting.

Bramson said the pain of the incident was intensified by what is going on in the rest of the country.

“However this case is about the fact that at the age of 24, a young man had an appointment with a bullet that snuffed out his life is a profound tragedy, it represents a failure of our community and a failure of our country because no such incident occurs in a vacuum it is the culmination of life experiences, of opportunities, and constraints, and challenges and things that hold us back all attributed to that moment.”

“This is a moment when anger and love are both required,” he said.

Talk of the Sound asked the Mayor about dashcam video or body cam video.

Bramson said only patrol cars have dash cams. NRPD officers do not have body cams.

“It’s fair to say that we wish footage were available it would be very helpful,” said Bramson.

Talk of the Sound asked the Mayor if Flowers had a prior criminal history and had been recently released from prison.

“In my view, it’s simply not relevant to the matters before us right now. There is no prior record that would justify an event of this kind.” said Bramson “The only thing that could explain it would be an officer’s true perception that their life and safety was at immediate risk, The officer was in no position to know whether Mr. Flowers had a prior record”.

Police Commissioner Joe Schaller said police said someone else was driving the vehicle

“They left the scene of the crime…I should say incident..and we have not been able to connect with them,” said Bramson.

Schaller vehicle left the scene, we don’t know who was in the car.

This is something that all police departments in the area have been very alert to because there had been reports of people coming in particularly from outside the state with out of state plates particularly temporary Jersey plates and tinted windows…the car had tinted windows.

Fled down Pierce Street, across Potter and on to Sharot Street.

Statement from New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson

The City will continue to cooperate fully with County and State officials to ensure a thorough, open, and transparent investigation. But our challenge extends further. This tragic event, which would be traumatic under any circumstances, comes at a moment of intense local and national focus on issues of police violence and systemic racism.  All of us are called to work together, alongside community leaders and advocates, to pursue the broader cause of racial justice and peace in New Rochelle.  That work has already begun and now it will be pursued with even greater urgency.”

Statement from Westchester County District Attorney Anthony Scarpino

The Westchester County District Attorney’s Office is investigating a fatal police-involved shooting in the City of New Rochelle late Friday night. As per protocol, we are working with the Attorney General’s Office, which will make a determination on whether or not they will take the case, pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order.

Our Office is conducting an independent thorough and transparent investigation and we have called upon the New Rochelle Police to release any and all video of the shooting.

Statement from New Rochelle Police Department

Update – The deceased is Kamal Flowers, aged 24 of this city. The vehicle being sought is a 2019 Black Dodge Sedan Virginia registration UPF1991. Below is the Ruger 9mm handgun, magazine and rounds recovered.

Statement from Congressional Candidate Jamaal Bowman

I’m so upset about another horrific incident in our community. We are going through so much already. There needs to be an immediate state investigation into this police killing of a Black man, Kamal Flowers, in New Rochelle.
Statement from Rep. Nita LoweyI’m heartbroken to learn Kamal Flowers, who was only 24 years old, was killed by an officer of the New Rochelle Police Department. My prayers are with the Flowers Family and the New Rochelle community as they mourn this tragedy.
The reality in the United States is that Black people are more likely to be reported to law enforcement, and those resulting encounters disproportionately take a deadly turn. That is why I commend New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson for his swift and full-throated commitment to a transparent, open, and thorough investigation, which I hope New York State Attorney General James and her office will conduct expeditiously.
New Rochelle Huguenot Park rally after fatal police-involved shooting

Chris Eberhart: Brother of man shot by New Rochelle PD: ‘Police murdered my brother’

His brother, Henderson Clarke, was surrounded by loved ones at a Saturday afternoon barbecue in the primarily black neighborhood outside of the Heritage Homes that the community organized to mourn Flowers. One man handed out candles for a memorial. 
“He was gentle giant,” Clarke said. “He had a passion for his music, he was a rap artist. He concentrated on his music and his kids. He always talked about his kids, and he came from a structure of love.”

RELATED: The Mount Vernon Police Tapes: In Secretly Recorded Phone Calls, Officers Say Innocent People Were Framed

Henderson Clarke, a New Rochelle resident, was one of the suspects who remained at large. In a criminal complaint, Antonini swore that Clarke sold drugs to an undercover officer at the address of a gas station in Mount Vernon the previous year.
From the outside, the case did not look good for Clarke. He had a history of dealing, and after the May 2018 announcement the then 41-year old failed to come in voluntarily. Police eventually arrested him over a year later.
Clarke says he was innocent and that he was not going to turn himself in for a false charge. In the years before his arrest, he had turned his life around, he claimed, holding down jobs at a group home and a moving company.
Statement from New Rochelle Schools Superintendent and the Board of Education President and Vice PresidentThe City School District is heartbroken by the news of last night’s police shooting which resulted in the death of a Black man during these difficult and challenging times. While we wait for updates on the details, we encourage everyone to remain united as we keep the family in our thoughts and prayers.

Sister of Kamal Flowers: GoFundMe Page

Hello my name is Starr. My brother was killed by the police department of New Rochelle on June 5 at approximately 10:24pm. On the way to the hospital he was pronounce dead.  He was 24 years old and left behind two small children. He was a playful and a loyal person. The police are still “investigating”  the “incident”. We do not have the funds to bury him and I am asking you to please donate to his funeral cost. No amount is too small and it is extremely appreciated.


Graffiti on Building on Scene of Police-Involved Shooting (Sharot Street, New Rochelle, NY)

NRPD Audio Dispatch to Officers Involved in Shooting


City of New Rochelle Police Benevolent Association Statement in Response to the Officer-Involved Shooting Death of Kamal Flowers

The men and women of the City of New Rochelle Police Benevolent Association wish to publicly address the shooting death of Kamal Flowers by a New Rochelle Police Officer in the evening hours of June 5, 2020.

No one in the NRPBA celebrates the loss of any life. Yet we are grateful for the extraordinary bravery demonstrated by our fellow officers who pursued a suspect armed with a deadly weapon in an exceptional effort to keep the streets of this community safe. The statement issued by the New Rochelle Police Department indicates that Mr. Flowers pointed an illegal handgun – which was recovered at the scene along with several rounds of ammunition – at our fellow officer and tried to kill him with it. We are supremely grateful that our brother survived this life-threatening encounter.

Mr. Flower’s criminal background IS relevant to the gravity of the threat he posed when he pointed his illegal handgun at our brother: having been released from state prison in March following his conviction for a violent gunpoint robbery, he was a felon in possession of an illegal weapon in contravention of his parole conditions as well as state and federal law. If apprehended, he was facing a lengthy prison sentence. Our brother officer was indeed unaware of this fact when he attempted to apprehend Mr. Flowers: Mr. Flowers was not. His extensive criminal history explains why he was apparently willing to pay any price to escape apprehension, including the life of a police officer.

The New Rochelle PBA has a long and strong relationship with the community we serve. We were among the first police organizations to condemn the officers responsible for the reprehensible death of George Floyd. We have no tolerance for unnecessary use of force against any of our citizens.

This incident should not be the basis for acts of retaliation against any member of your police force; we ask all of our citizens “if you hear something, say something” and notify the NRPD if you become aware of any threats to any member of your police department.

Despite the tragic outcome, we stand by the actions and efforts of our police officers. We believe our officers make every effort to determine the parameters of their authority, and believe that, in this matter, they acted within the limitations of the law and pursuant to their lawful police authority.

Detective Christopher T. Greco, President

Detective Liliana Sanchez, Vice-President

UPDATE 6/8: NRPD Complaint Records

The New Rochelle Police Department citing records protection statutes under New York State Civil Rights Law will not release records of complaints, if any, against the two officers involved in the fatal shooting of Kamal Flowers on Friday.

NRPD Officer Who Shot Kamal Flowers is Alec McKenna, sources.

New Rochelle Police Officer Alec McKenna has been identified as the New Rochelle Police Officer who shot and killed Kamal Flowers.

McKenna was appointed to the Department on July 29, 2015. Officer McKenna is an active Army reservist.

In 2019, at the 2019 NRPD Annual Memorial & Awards Ceremony, McKenna received numerous commendations including two Commendation Awards, a Lifesaving Award, and One-Year Perfect Attendance Award. At the time, he was one of the Department’s Field Training Officers and was then assigned to the third tour in the Police Services Division.

Police Officer Alec McKenna graduated from the Westchester County Police Academy in 2015.


Eleven New Rochelle Police Officers Graduated From the Westchester County Police Academy

Alec McKenna was among 11 police officers who graduated from the Westchester County Police Academy on Friday, December 18th, 2016 then joined the New Rochelle Police Department after 20 weeks of training at the police academy in Valhalla.

“I’m very excited to have a group of fine young people join us in serving the residents of our City. They will be the foundation of our new community policing model which will bring a true partnership between the police and community”, says then New Rochelle Police Commissioner, Patrick J. Carroll.


Questions Emerge About Traffic Stop that Preceded New Rochelle Police Shooting as Mayor, Cops Back Off Tinted Windows Tale

Why Was Kamal Flowers in a Traffic Stop Before He Was Shot and Killed by New Rochelle Police?

NAACP New Rochelle Branch And Community Leaders Call On Governor Cuomo To Appoint The NY Attorney General As Special Prosecutor In The Police Shooting Death Of Kamal Flowers

New Rochelle Police Release New Information in Officer-Involved Shooting of Kamal Flowers

Should Kamal Flowers Criminal Record Be Reported in Wake of His Shooting Death by New Rochelle Police?

New Rochelle Police Union Demands Recognition from City Council After Officer-Involved Shooting Death of Kamal Flowers

As Video is Released, New York AG Sides with New Rochelle Police: Kamal Flowers was Armed

Man Shot and Killed by New Rochelle Police

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  1. Bump what the article says did you WATCH the tape?!?!??? He was Running and was shot multiple times while being on the ground!! You don’t even hear gun shots in the audio bc he mentioned the gun AFTER he killed him!! #RIPKamal

  2. Look if you look at the tape it jumps right when the shot rang out. Flowers was tired of running the cop slip his gun under his arm and shoots. They don’t want you see it just look. He did pull nothing.!!!!! I’m not just saying this it’s in front of your eyes to see. Yes them please. Peace to good cops.

  3. God Bless Officer McKenna, all our police officers in New Rochelle and around this great country that keep us safe. They have the trust, respect and gratitude of the American people and all law abiding citizens !

  4. NEXT STUPID COMMENT! Very unfortunate incident I’m sure this police officer DOES NOT feel good about taking another human beings life…IN THE LINE OF DUTY..

  5. Come in Kwamain. What does that mean to be careful with your words. That’s the problem today. We know each other but I can’t even talk with you. Call me names all you want, but I would be more at risk disagreeing with my peers than police. I got out of that place. Come on man, I smoked crack that I bought from a black man who now calls him self lord. Best thing to happen to me was her arrested. White police officer told me to get my ass say NA. I learned in my steps to look at me. If we could all do that the community would be at peace. We know bad cops and they need to be off the streets. I don’t like the cheering of a young man’s death. If he did what he did , it’s sad either way. His past didn’t define him, but I don’t know how I feel. Nothing good about it. We can’t confuse this with stop and frisk or getting pulled over for nothing. That has to stop. You looked suspicious is no reason to pull me over. We need to support young men by making them look inward. We say in NA that when you point your finger you’ll have 3 pointing back.

  6. Having a gun doesn’t mean you should be killed. And you call yourself a mom smh

  7. Pointed not fired. His life wasn’t endangered and there was no distress in the cops voice on the audio.

  8. Aim a gun at a police officer, Marc, and it’s very likely you’d be shot also. As would I, or anyone else.

    Black, white, yellow, red, or purple. Whatever. What’s so hard to understand? Since when is pointing a gun at a police officer while he’s chasing you, and ordering you to stop, a brilliant idea? Fill me in here cause I’m not getting it. This has nothing to do with race. It has to do with stupidity.

    Would you like to defend his choice to carry a loaded gun while on parole too?

  9. if this man valued his own life, he would have listened to the police upon being pulled over. Instead, he chose to take a risk, a risk that he must have been willing to take to keep from being caught with gun. He made a choice and it cost him his life.

  10. Most if not all you dumb asses should die in a similar situation or fashion hopefully your identity is mistaken and they light you up oh did I say that yes. POLICE are dirty ALWAYS have been ALWAYS will be.they are just the new version of those that chased down slaves that escaped and kept slaves in order FOH FTP NFG

  11. did you not read the article? 1. he ran from cops. 2. he pointed a gun at cops. what are you missing? how dumb can one be to not figure out that the cops actions were completely justified? stop saying he was ‘just pulled over’. HE RAN AND POINTED A GUN. WHAT ARE NOT UNDERSTANDNING????????

  12. good riddance. another criminal off the streets. isnt this what we want? clean streets and no crime? or you just want anarchy?

  13. He had a gun, was a felon and was in parole for an armed robbery with a gun. Doesn’t matter if he could of been related to a detective. He made his own bad choices.

  14. So does that go for the criminal cops? Should they be taken off the streets in the same manner in which you described? Should be careful with your words in today’s climate. Just how you advocated that the same can be said about the PD

  15. There is no good reason for a young man to be dead because he had been a passenger in a car whose driver committed several traffic violations. The young man is accused of fleeing the automobile. He is not accused of firing a weapon. He should not have been killed.

  16. Uhm…..unless he had a permit to carry, that is an illegal weapon. Period.

    He had an illegal weapon on his person because he is wannabe gangster with a criminal record, and that’s the way wannabe gangsters roll, while out here with the rest of us.

    He ran because possession of a weapon while on parole is a one way ticket back to the rest of his sentence, plus the new offense.

  17. robert…..the 3 most important questions that the main stream media is not asking……..
    1. why did he run?
    2. why did he have a gun?
    3. was the gun legal?

    1. I was at the press conference Saturday. There was a row of TV cameras in the back of the auditorium. Not a single question among them.

      I asked 4 questions before the Mayor abruptly ended the presser.

      I asked if there was dashcam video (no), bodycam video (no), criminal record (not relevant), paroled from prison in March (not relevant).

      I was preparing to ask: did you recover a gun, details on that, record of complaints against the two officers.

      I have filed FOIL requests. No reply.

  18. As a paroled offender he knew the risks of carrying a loaded weapon, and he didn’t give a damn about that consequence. His carrying of that weapon was a giant, billboard sized, “F-YOU” to the judge, to the court, to the police, to his parole officer, and to every citizen he might have come in contact with that night.

    You-Don’t-Mean-Jack-Sh*t to him, or his way of life. That’s the part YOU don’t get. I’m not so enthused about ex-cons like this guy driving around, armed, three minutes from my house. Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t.

    But you don’t know whether or not he aimed his loaded weapon at that officer as he was running away, to avoid being violated and sent back to prison. Which is EXACTLY what would have happened had he been stopped. You want to run the cops in N.R. down before all the facts are in, so be it. Right now I’m giving the benefit of the doubt to the officer until all the facts are known.

  19. Does the fact that he was on parole, had a gun and fled bother you in anyway? You state that there were two police officers and a suspect and now it’s just the two police officer’s word against a deceased person’s. Would you have preferred if he were allowed to discharge his weapon, kill the officer so there could be a police officer’s word against a potential murder? Which part of having a loaded gun, running away from a police officer can get you killed don’t you understand? In this case, race has nothing to do with it. Stop trying to make this have any relevance to what transpired in Minneapolis… or Buffalo or in front of the White House for our President’s ridiculous photo op took place, where the police actions clearly were wrong. Those incidents aren’t related. Wake up.

    1. I am reporting what I observed and heard directly from members of the black community in New Rochelle. I am not preferring anything other than sharing with readers what I know.

  20. You know you people are sickening. You weren’t there you don’t know what really happened before you start judging and making criticisms. For all you know it alls that young man is related to the late highly decorated Detective Flowers who served NRPD for decades. It’s New Rochelle for God sakes the City of misdemeanors and parking tickets and you jerks celebrating over the death of someone. Bunch of blood thirsty animals.

  21. It isn’t good to have thugs like this running around New Ro at night, especially when they have weapons.

    NRPD have made the streets safer for us all.

  22. Case closed on this lowlife. He had a gun and ran from the cops, what does anyone expect would happen is such a situation? Nobody runs if they’ve done nothing wrong. Dangerous people have handguns and lets be thankful he’s off the streets now.

    Great job NRPD. We can’t let lawlessness take over. This isn’t even a black-white issue.

  23. Duh, we know he had a gun. That’s the point, he had a gun and everyone wants to ignore this fact and make him out to be the victim. I asked why did he run off so that others can be honest with themselves and understand that those that are guilty run away.

    1. I talked to multiple people in the black community today, I was with City Manager Strome when he did so as well. Here is what you are not understanding. The people I spoke to are, to put it mildly, highly skeptical of any investigation that is based on an account of an incident involving three people where two of those people are police officers and one of them cannot tell their story because one of those officers shot him and killed him. They do not trust an NRPD investigation (I would not either) and they do not trust the DA (again, why should they, I would not) and although the AG is black they do not trust Albany either. The lack of trust is hardly unfounded. This is the dilemma and why you are not likely to be in agreement: you trust the officers word, the NRPD, DA and AG to be honest and fair. The people I spoke to today do not (nor do I). So where does that leave us? Pretty much screwed.

      It is why this incident and so many others are irreconcilable.

      It is a non-trivial component in the anger we saw Wednesday at the Police Brutality rally at City Hall.

      All that we can hope for is as much information as possible given to the public and the media.

      The press was cut off today by the Mayor, me really, since the wall full of TV reporters in the back of the room were remarkably lacking in curiosity (not a single question from them, I asked 4 questions—dashcam video, bodycam video, past criminal history, release from prison). I was about to ask whether a gun was found and whether they would release any and all complaints against the 2 officers but the Mayor ended the event.

      Can you imagine no reporter asked about the gun at a press conference for a police-involved shooting resulting in the death of the suspect, or that it was not part of the Mayor’s tik-tok (time line)?

      I have asked for any complaints against the officers. Let’s see if I get an answer.

  24. The driver of the vehicle took off and the passenger fled on foot… Why??? When did it become ok to disobey law enforcement? Here lies the crack in the foundation. It’s obvious they took off due to criminal possession of a weapon at the very least, if not guilty of much more. Let’s focus on getting these men off the streets and encourage them to be positive contributors to society. Let’s not be so swindled by the media and our politicians and let’s be real for a minute here… Nothing good was coming out of Mr. Flowers’ possession of a gun. So all the church leaders and family members that want to come forward and say how unjust this was. In reality, they have failed this young man too by not engaging him enough to keep him off those streets with a gun, and not showing him how to make good decisions and live an honest life. This whole situation is sad.

  25. Why are people at Heritage Homes calling the police on anyone? So he had a gun, like big deal. Statistics tell us it would have been used on another black man. Experience tells us nobody would have cared in the community. Hopefully they charge the 911 caller as an accessory to murder. In these times, how dare a black person call the police.

    1. City officials told me on Wednesday after the Police Brutality rally they had a meeting recently with residents of Heritage Homes. The basis of the meeting was residents complaints of not enough policing at Heritage Homes.

      Acting on complaints about the car with the Virginia plates was part of the commitment to be more responsive to complaints to police filed by Heritage Homes residents.

      As far the gun, police say the recovered a 9mm Ruger. If that is true, that would explain Jamal Flowers running. He was out on parole, could not legally possess a weapon and risked going back to prison if police found him with a gun.

  26. I’m so sick and tired of unarmed black men dying, when people like Nicholas Cruz (that aren’t black) get to live and breathe till this day. And I know some of u guys are gonna find reasons to label him as a bad kid, like how yall do to everyone that has been slain.

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