Inside the New Rochelle Police Department Clown Show — Part II

Written By: Robert Cox

Before getting into the heart of this series on the disciplinary records of the New Rochelle Police Department, we want to set a foundation based on our reporting over the past 14 years on malfeasance, corruption, incompetence, and buffoonery in the New Rochelle Police Department. To do that we are going to list all of our past reporting on malfeasance, incompetence, and criminality by current and former members of the New Rochelle in one place.

After 14 years, it is easy to lose track of the full scope of the clown shown at NRPD. We expect some readers will have additional information about some of these officers they want to share. We want photos of all these officers. We are missing some. Readers can contact us at [email protected] or call/text/signal at 914-325-4616. We will update this article with that information so that by the time this series is finished, this article will be the most complete accounting ever published on the NRPD.

For newer readers, you likely never heard of some of these stories so we added links to our 14 year archive including classics like Nightmare on Stephenson Boulevard, the P.A.C.T. Unit’s gambling and pornography website (warning, the video is graphic and definitely not NSFW), the fired cop who sued, won and used the money to but Elton John’s piano, the cops who raped and sodomized underage girls and even co-workers, criminal conduct by members of senior command. This article is Scumbag Vinny on steroids — lots of scumbags who walked New Rochelle with guns and arrest powers.

NOTE: As the site has been upgraded over the past 14 years images and links to them “broke” and so older articles will have images missing. It is a massive undertaking to fix so unless we have a special need to fix we will just leave the text without images.

Matthew Melillo: Terminated/Resigned — Legal Action. In 2012, Melillo was sentenced to 5 years “shock probation” on charges related to Disseminating Indecent Material to a Minor, videos of himself in a sexual act. Prosecutors said Melillo transmitted videos of himself engaged in a sexual act to what he believed to be a 15-year-old girl. The “girl” was an undercover criminal investigator working for the Westchester County District Attorney. Melillo plead guilty to Attempted to Disseminating Indecent Material to a Minor, a class “E” Felony. He is a registered Level 1 sex offender. Level 1 sex offenders must register for 20 years.

Harry Kyreakedes: Terminated/Resigned — Legal Action. Soon after his separation from NRPD, Kyreakedes was charged with vehicular manslaughter and driving while intoxicated. He had a 0.23 percent BAC when he crashed his Jeep into a tree, resulting in the death of a passenger in the vehicle. He was sentenced to 2.5 to 7 years in state prison.

Matthew McKay: Terminated/Resigned — Legal Action

Jeff Wilson: allegations of malicious prosecution, harassment, unlawful arrest in Stephenson Boulevard case in Federal lawsuit.

Bruce Daniele: one of the founding members of P.A.C.T. Unit’s illegal gambling and pornography website, ran a $50,000 a year gambling operation based on “box betting” scheme. Recently retired school security administrator for the New Rochelle school district.

William Odell: one of the founding members of P.A.C.T. Unit’s illegal gambling and pornography website.

Terrence W. Legeret: one of the founding members of P.A.C.T. Unit’s illegal gambling and pornography website. In 1981, Legeret was operating a privately owned vehicle, registered with the New Rochelle Police Department for official use. In a civil lawsuit, it was alleged that the car was negligently operated and was traveling at a high speed when it left the road and hit a utility pole. Passenger John Phillips, also a New Rochelle police officer, died as a result of the injuries from the crash. In 2017, Legeret was arrested and charged in South Carolina with malicious injury (damage) to personal property value $2,000 or less.

John Phillips: age 43, 18 years on the police force, died in line of duty, killed in an automobile accident. Detective Phillips and several other detectives were returning from the Bronx after completing an investigation when they were involved in an automobile accident. The detectives’ vehicle overturned after swerving to miss an oncoming vehicle. The other detectives were seriously injured while Detective Phillips was killed.

John Phillips (deceased) and Kathryn Phillips sued Legeret claiming the car was negligently operated and was traveling at a high speed when it left the road and hit a utility pole. There were allegations at the time that the three officers had been drinking in the Bronx and the accident report was falsified.

PHILLIPS v. LEGERET (141 A.D.2d 710 (1988):

an automobile accident which occurred on October 1, 1981, in which the plaintiff’s intestate John Phillips was a passenger in a vehicle operated by the defendant Terrence W. Legeret with the permission of the owner the defendant William E. Kennelly, who was also a passenger therein. The car was privately owned but registered with the New Rochelle Police Department for official use. It is alleged that the. John Phillips died as a result of the injuries suffered in that accident. The decedent and the codefendants were police officers employed by the police department of the defendant city and the accident occurred during the course and scope of their employment.

David Rodriguez: Terminated/Resigned — Legal Action. Arrested following alleged rape of 17-year-old girl, reportedly one of many sexual indiscretions by Rodriquez on and off-duty. He admitted to having sexual relations with the 17-year-old girl while he was off-duty. He also resigned from the police force. Wife was news anchor for WNBC-TV morning program who served as Master of Ceremonies for Annual Police Foundation dinner.

Police Officer Kenneth Frank: 10 years with NRPD. Burned his car and boat in insurance fraud scheme, caught working a side job while on disability leave, numerous other criminal charges. Moved to Florida. Numerous charges of violence, fraud, forgery, theft, filing false legal papers and practicing law without a license. Ex-cop, ex-con from New York accused of running financial cons in South Florida, Practicing law without license, among 21 counts against ex-cop, ex-con Kenneth Frank (bail set at $1.2 million), Plea deal on aggravated battery, Convicted on 16 of 18 fraud counts.

Alan Silverman: Son of Beverly Silverman, “unexpectedly resigned” from New Rochelle Civil Service Commission related to giving “no show” jobs to family members, including Silverman’s wife.

John Pastore: Drove drunk, drove vehicle into Carlyn’s Cove bar in Larchmont, NY.

Jamillah Blair: Terminated/Resigned — Legal Action, “unexpectedly resigned” prior to hearing convened following her arrest for DWI and leaving the scene of an accident. The person she left at the scene was seriously injured. She ran away and was found later by police hiding in her home.

Timothy McKnight: suspended for 10 days for being out of the house while sick under NRPD police you must be home while on sick leave unless granted permission by the desk officer, other officers caught for the same thing got 30-day suspensions

Eric Shames: After retiring he robbed a White Plains liquor store in 1993.

Matthew McCarrick: Terminated/Resigned — Legal Action. Burglary, 1996.

John DeLeno: Along with Lucchese, alleged to have raped and sodomized a civilian police dispatcher from NRPD while they were off-duty, 1996. Acquitted but fired after a departmental hearing.

Gary Lucchese: Along with DeLeno, alleged to have raped and sodomized a civilian police dispatcher from NRPD while they were off-duty, 1996. Acquitted but fired after a departmental hearing.

Tony Jones: “Unexpectedly Resigned” following arrest.

Araz Alali: Terminated/Resigned — Legal Action. Numerous issues, dismissed, sued City for racism. Currently, a Lieutenant, Public Affairs, Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department.

Donald Feola: Terminated/Resigned — Legal Action. Dismissed following allegations of having sex with a 16-year-old girl (12/30/02). Donald Feola, then 43, who had been on the force for 16 years, was charged with rape, sodomy, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child for incidents in his Mount Vernon apartment on several occasions. Feola was suspended from the New Rochelle Police Department. Matter of Feola v Carroll: In 2002, a jury eventually found Feola not guilty of all counts, except for a misdemeanor charge alleging that petitioner “knowingly acted in a manner likely to be injurious to the physical, mental and moral welfare of a child less than seventeen years old”. The Police Commissioner subsequently notified Feola that his employment was terminated automatically upon his conviction.

Joseph Poggoli: Terminated/Resigned — Legal Action. Fired after caught lying about an off-duty job, numerous allegations of theft including as PBA president (allegedly took flashlight chargers donated by the Foundation, meant for NRPD officers and sold them). Sued the city and won a large amount, used the money to buy an Elton John “red piano” for $50,000 in 2006.

Officer Candidate Mazi A. H. Sigmond flunked a background check while at the Westchester County Police Academy. He was a drug dealer with two prior arrests by the New Rochelle Police Department. He was also arrested in Virginia for contempt, where he gave a false name. He did not file taxes for several years. He admitted to selling drugs to support himself.

Nightmare on Stephenson Boulevard

Nightmare on Stephenson Boulevard is an eight part series which traces the history of a dispute among neighbors that spiraled out of control and came to consume members of the New Rochelle Police Department, the City Court of New Rochelle and the Westchester County District Attorney’s office and raised serious doubts about the justice system in the City of New Rochelle.

Part I: Nightmare on Stephenson Boulevard: New Rochelle Woman Describes Years of Torment and Harassment by Neighbors and New Rochelle Police Officers

Part II: Nightmare on Stephenson Boulevard: New Rochelle Woman Breaks Down After Two Years of Harassment by Neighbors and Police

Part III: Nightmare on Stephenson Boulevard: New Rochelle Woman Set Up and Knocked Down

Part IV: Nightmare on Stephenson Boulevard: Nefarious New Rochelle Neighbors Have Only Scratched the Surface

Part V: Nightmare on Stephenson Boulevard: The Dark End of the Street

Part VI: Nightmare on Stephenson Boulevard: The Stink Test

Part VII: Nightmare on Stephenson Boulevard: New Rochelle Court Issues Stunning Defeat for Patrick and Tracey Hickey in Five Year Long Battle with Neighbor

Part VIII: Nightmare on Stephenson Boulevard: Why Did Patrick Hickey Have So Much Pull?

There is a related series of articles on the P.F.F.L. Website:

P.A.C.T. Fantasy Football League

The P.A.C.T. Fantasy Football League website was a gambling and pornography site filled with misogynistic, homophobic and anti-trans content used by current and former members of the New Rochelle Police Department, including operators/founders Terrence W. Legeret, William Odell and Neil Reynolds.

Reynolds was promoted to Captain in July, making him one of the highest ranking officers in the department. He is now Division Commander of the Professional Development and Community Engagement Division, which includes the Police and Community Together (P.A.C.T.) Unit.

The original site, which operated from 1998 to 2010, was blocked after our series ran but a new version (PFFL2) has since been made public (with the gambling, pornography and misogynistic, homophobic and anti-trans content removed from public view). Terrence W. Legeret continues to operate the P.A.C.T. Fantasy Football League.

New Rochelle Commissioner Turns Blind-Eye to “Gangster Mentality” in Police Department’s High-Stakes Fantasy Football

City of New Rochelle Has “No Comment” on XXX-Rated P.F.F.L. Website Published by Current and Former NRPD Officers

New Rochelle Police Block Public Access to Controversial Fantasy Football Website

In Wake of Talk of the Sound Expose on XXX-Rated Gambling Site, New Rochelle PD Social Media Policy Limits 1st Amendment for Cops

WARNING: some readers may find the content put on display by members of the New Rochelle Police Department disturbing.

We publish it to highlight the conduct associated with current and former members of the P.A.C.T. Unit and the P.A.C.T. Unit mission, as described on the NRPD website:

The P.A.C.T. Unit, or Police and Community Together, has responsibilities which include to interact with school associations and officials, civic associations, business associations, church groups, and youth organizations; youth officers assist CID personnel with child protective cases involving sexual or physical abuse committed by family members or legal guardians. The P.A.C.T. Unit is also the clearinghouse for information and requests for service from the Westchester Family Court, the Westchester County Department of Social Services, Child Protective Services, and the New Rochelle Board of Education. In 2019, the New Rochelle Police Department created the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ+) Liaison position, added to the P.A.C.T. Unit.

P.A.C.T. Programs: Citizens Police Academy, Coffee with a Cop, Mentors in Blue, Presentations in Schools and with various youth group, and P.A.C.T Fishing Trips.

Another related series is on Vinny Mirabile, who figures in both the Nightmare on Stephenson Boulevard series and the P.A.C.T. Unit Gambling and Pornography series.

Mirabile retired from the New Rochelle Police Department, then sought to return after a private security job fell through was denied return by Police Commissioner Patrick Carroll who wanted nothing to do with bringing Mirabile back to NRPD. Mirabile was fired from a part-time security position at Isaac E. Young Middle School after he was caught on CCTV cameras body slamming a student onto a table in the school cafeteria. Mirabile, effectively unemployable, then sought to return to work at the District. He was escorted to a meeting with then-CSDNR Human Resources Director Joseph Williams by then-Council Member Louis Trangucci. Williams played the CCTV video, turned to Mirabile and Trangucci and said simply “no way”. While a police officer, Mirabile illegally held an ownership stake in Cousins Cigars, a business that sold tobacco products. Our series documented Mirabile violating State Liquor Laws, Westchester County Health Codes, New Rochelle Building Codes and Zoning Codes and operating an illegal gambling operation out of his store. Mirabile has repeatedly engaged in charity fraud, preposterously claiming his cigar store was an authorized fundraiser for charities including St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, which for obvious reasons (to all but Vinny and his pals) would never authorize a business that sells tobacco products to be an authorized fundraiser for a cancer research charity.

Who Is Vincent “Vinny” Mirabile? — Part I

Who Is Vincent “Vinny” Mirabile? — Part II

Who is Vinny Mirabile — Part III

Who is Vinny Mirabile IV? — Charitable Fraud?

In another related story, Benito DiZenzo, an associate of Vinny Mirabile, was identified as an associate of the Gambino Crime Family. In 2019, the U.S. Department of Justice Indicted 10 Bronx and Westchester-Based Members and Associates of the Gambino Crime Family for Racketeering Conspiracy, Loansharking, Obstruction of Justice and Bribery. Among them, Benito DiZenzo, an associate of Vinny Mirabile and a long-time regular at Cousins Cigar Lounge.

New Rochelle Hood Benito DiZenzo Facing 20 Years in Federal Prison

Benito DiZenzo Denies Connection to Gambino Crime Family

In another related series, we exposed how Christopher Greco, who relied on Mirabile for one of his earliest fundraisers for Greco’s supposed non-profit organizations, has associated with convicted felons in his role with two homeowners associations in the Sans Souci neighborhood.

Series: Nightmare on the Isle of Sans Souci

Nightmare on the Isle of Sans Souci: Part I — The Lawsuit

Nightmare on the Isle of Sans Souci: Part II — Who is Rob Rubicco?

Nightmare on the Isle of Sans Souci: Part III — What is Anna & Jack’s Treehouse?

Nightmare on the Isle of Sans Souci: Part IV — Who is Phil Colasuonno?

Nightmare on the Isle of Sans Souci: Part V — What is Christopher’s Voice?

Our series exposing Greco began after he, in his role as President of the New Rochelle PBA, began attacking Westchester County District Attorney Mimi Rocah, making many false claims regarding an incident of police brutality involving Detective Michael Vaccaro, the subject of 17 Internal Affairs Investigations.

Michael Vaccaro — Malik Fogg Archive

White New Rochelle Police Officer Suspended After Punching Black Man in Face, NRPD Refers Incident to District Attorney

Who is New Rochelle Police Detective Michael Vaccaro?

White New Rochelle Police Officer Who Punched Black Suspect in the Face Has Horrific Disciplinary Record

White Off-Duty New Rochelle Police Detective Charged for Repeatedly Punching, Kicking Helpless Black Man, Grinding Face into Pavement

Westchester County District Attorney Releases Charging Materials with Video in Case of New Rochelle Police Detective Facing Assault Charges

Documenting the Many Lies of New Rochelle Police Detectives Michael Vaccaro, Chris Greco and Others

Bizarro Media: Lack of Coverage of Bad Cops in New Rochelle

Silence from New Rochelle’s Elected Leaders on False Narrative from PBA on Police Brutality Video

Damon Maher is First Elected Official to Condemn White New Rochelle Cop Who Repeatedly Punched Black Man on Video

Jamaal Bowman Second Elected Official to Condemn Actions of White New Rochelle Cop “Vigilante” Who Punched Black Man in Face

TALK OF THE SOUND SCORECARD: Who is Speaking Out and Who is Silent on mNew Rochelle Police Detective Vaccaro

New Video Shows White New Rochelle “Vigilante” Cop Hit Black Man with His Vehicle Then Drove Off

New Rochelle Police Detective Arraigned on Charges Stemming from Police Brutality Cell Phone Video

Following Vaccaro Arraignment, New Rochelle PBA President Lashes Out at District Attorney, Local Media

Black Man Punched Repeatedly by White Cop in New Rochelle Had No Prior Criminal History in Westchester

NRPD Press Release February 18, 2021

Misdemeanor Complaint Signed June 17, 2021: The People of the State of New York v. Michael Vaccaro

NRPD Dispatch & Radio Traffic (redacted)

Witness Cell Phone Video (full video: Vaccaro Repeatedly Punches Suspect in the Face)

CCTV from Gas Station (full video 8:58) : Road Rage, Suspect Chases Vaccaro in Car on Foot, Vaccaro Strikes Suspect on Foot with His Car, Vaccaro Strikes Vehicle Stopped at Traffic Light

Our Sans Souci reporting led to a new series on Greco’s role in apparent effort to structure the current PBA Contract for his personal benefit — at the expense of his members — with the help of Human Resources Commissioner Christine Dodge.

New Rochelle HR Director Had Romantic Relationship with PBA President During PBA Contract Negotiations, Sources

New Rochelle Board of Ethics Retains Outside Counsel to Investigate Police Contract Complaint

Our review of the PBA contract highlighted how Greco sold out his members, negotiating a contract later approved by gullible PBA members too stupid to read or understand what Greco had done to them, in order for Greco to get significant benefits that accrued only to him and his so-called charity.

Who Benefited from New Rochelle PBA Contract at Center of Ethics Investigation?

As a result of our reporting, it all backfired on Greco, who resigned as PBA President and from the New Rochelle Police Department soon after our Sans Souci series and PBA contract series ran. The Ethics Investigation continues.

Civil War Raging at New Rochelle Police Department Leads to Dueling Allegations

New Rochelle PBA President Christopher Greco Out Next Week at NRPD and NRPBA

In our series on PO Alex McKenna shooting and killing Kamal Flowers we exposed the repeated lies by City and Police officials.

Alec McKenna — Kamal Flowers Archive

Man Shot and Killed by New Rochelle Police

CCTV Video of Kamal Flowers Incident: NRPD Officer Involved Shooting June 5, 2020

Press Conference After Alec McKenna Shoots, Kills Kamal Flowers

Why Was Kamal Flowers in a Traffic Stop Before He Was Shot and Killed by New Rochelle Police?

NAACP New Rochelle Branch And Community Leaders Call On Governor Cuomo To Appoint The NY Attorney General As Special Prosecutor In The Police Shooting Death Of Kamal Flowers

Should Kamal Flowers Criminal Record Be Reported in Wake of His Shooting Death by New Rochelle Police?

New Rochelle Police Release New Information in Officer-Involved Shooting of Kamal Flowers

Questions Emerge About Traffic Stop that Preceded New Rochelle Police Shooting as Mayor, Cops Back Off Tinted Windows Tale

New Rochelle Calls on Cuomo to Appoint Tish James as Special Prosecutor in Shooting Death of Black Man by White Police Officer

New Rochelle Stonewalls on Release of Disciplinary Records for Cop Who Killed Kamal Flowers

NRPD Police Commissioner Flat Out Lied to Paint False Narrative to Justify Killing of Black New Rochelle Man

New Rochelle Mayor Unable to Explain Dubious Claim, McKenna Unaware of Kamal Flowers Criminal Record

Kamal Flowers Press Conference Featured Noam Bramson’s Useful Idiots

As New Rochelle Stonewall Continues, Federal Judge Expects to Rule within Days on Police Disciplinary Records Lawsuit

Federal Judge Grants Stay in NYPD Police Misconduct Records Case

Federal Judge Clears Way for Immediate Release of Police Disciplinary Records for Alec McKenna, Officer Who Shot Kamal Flowers

Key Witness Arrested by New Rochelle Police Days Before Grand Jury Testimony in Kamal Flowers Shooting Death

Kamal Flowers Police-Involved Shooting Case to Grand Jury

New Rochelle Cop Who Killed Kamal Flowers Brandished His Firearm During Routine Traffic Stop Five Months Earlier

Sorting the “Hot Tub Time Line” of Isa Muhammad Arrests in 2020

Westchester County District Attorney Fails to Obtain Indictment in Officer-Involved Shooting Death in New Rochelle

Driver on Night Alex McKenna Shot and Killed Kamal Flowers in New Rochelle City Court

Can a Driver in New York Make a U-Turn on a Roadway with a Double-Yellow Line?

As Community Tries to Heal on 6-Month Anniversary of Officer-Involved Shooting, New Rochelle PBA President Pours Gasoline on the Fire

Example of Type of AG Report Denied to New Rochelle in McKenna — Flowers Case

More Lies from New Rochelle Official on Alec McKenna Killing Kamal Flowers

New Rochelle Police Department Investigation Exonerates Alec McKenna in Shooting Death of Kamal Flowers

Kamal Flowers Family Calls on Westchester District Attorney to Release McKenna Grand Jury Records

How We Created the Talk of the Sound New Rochelle Police Department Disciplinary Records Database

Records Analysis and Summary for 2020 Officer-Involved Shooting of a Black Man by White Cop in New Rochelle

Alec McKenna: A Story of Traffic Stops

Kamal Flowers: A Story of Armed Encounters with Police

White New Rochelle Police Officer Who Shot and Killed Black Man Following Traffic Stop is Restored to Active Duty

New Rochelle Police Release Fire Arm Discharge Report in Kamal Flowers Death

The McKenna shooting and the repeal of 50-a, led to our effort to gather disciplinary records for over 800 current and former members of the New Rochelle Police Department going back to the founding of the department.

As documented in Inside the New Rochelle Police Department Clown Show — Part I, the NRPD has illegally withheld hundreds of disciplinary records going back more than a year.

New Rochelle Police Stonewalling on Disciplinary Records Continues Despite Unprecedented News Release

Open Letter to New Rochelle City Council on Lying by City Officials on Alec McKenna Disciplinary Records

The senior command of the New Rochelle Police Department has been corrupt for decades.

Former Police Commissioner Patrick Carroll

House Owned by New Rochelle Police Commissioner Patrick Carroll Raises Questions

Part I: For Years, Dozens of New Rochelle Police Foundation Directors Quietly Given Swipe Card Access to Locked Door at NRPD Headquarters

Part II: New Rochelle Police Commissioner Downplays 2008 Arrest of New Rochelle Police Foundation Director for Impersonating a Police Officer, Carrying 2 Loaded Handguns

Part III: Former New Rochelle Police Foundation Director Vigorously Denies Rye Police Report of 2008 Arrest

Part IV: Rye Police Tell Different Story About Arrest of New Rochelle Police Foundation Director

Part V: New Rochelle Police Commissioner Repeatedly Intervened After Arrest of New Rochelle Police Foundation Director

Part VI: New Rochelle Police Foundation Director Rips Police: “I Hate F–king Cops”, “Cops Lie 99% of the Time on Police Reports”

Part VII: Arrest of New Rochelle Police Foundation Director Raises Many Questions for City of Rye and Rye PD

Former New Rochelle Schools Director John Gallagher Pleads Not Guilty, Mauro Zonzini Pleads Guilty in Federal Court

Mauro Zonzini, New Rochelle Schools Contractor, Celebrates Conviction on Multiple Felony Counts of Corruption, Tax Evasion

Former Police Commissioner Joseph Schaller

Should New Rochelle Police Captain Serve As Lawyer for City?

Proposed New Rochelle Police Reorganization Would Stand Captain’s Eligibility List on its Head

New Rochelle to Reorganize Police Department, Captains To Become Assistant Police Commissioners

Civil Service Watch: New Rochelle Civil Service Meeting — October 17, 2012

Reorganization of Police Department Memo — August 20, 2012

NO CONFIDENCE: New Rochelle City Council Votes Down Administration Plan to Reorganize Police Department 5-2

In what is one of our proudest moments, we worked long days and nights to single-handedly expose a corrupt plan to boost the salaries and pensions of police captains including Joseph Schaller and Kevin Kealy. One Council Member later said our efforts saved the taxpayers well over a million dollars. We preserved the video of the City Council discussion and vote on YouTube. It is well worth watching. Those not familiar with the matter should understand that days before this council meeting, the vote to approve the creation of Assistant Police Commissioners was considered a fait accomplit. The reactions of City Manager Charles B. Strome, Police Commissioner Patrick Carroll and Mayor Noam Bramson as the opposition to the resolution materializes in a way they never imagined is priceless leading the Mayor without awareness of the irony, to lecture council members (40:00) on how approving a resolution recommended by Strome and Carroll is one where the Council “ought to be most deferential to its management team”, Bramson says questions asked by Council members about the financial impact of the resolution is an “exploration of minutiae” and “overstepping” and then famously says, “if we’re not going to trust the judgement of the City Manager on an issue of this kind we should be getting a new City Manager”.

Eight years later, this is a fascinating archival video:

Of course, they were not too happy with me.

Bramson, Strome, and Carroll Close Down Access for Talk of the Sound Due to Pique Over Stories on Assistant Police Commissioner and Guys Sleeping in Garbage Truck

Next up, in Part III, we start revealing never before public information on all manner of bad behavior and buffoonery at the NRPD Clown Show.

The Complete Series (as published so far):

Inside the New Rochelle Police Department Clown Show – Table of Contents

The Clown Show series is a multi-part series reporting on New Rochelle Police Department Internal Affairs disciplinary records of current and former members of the department.

We are keeping the comments section closed until the series has run its course but if you have your own experience with The Clown Show please share at [email protected] or call/text/signal at 914-325-4616. We cannot do much without details like names of officers, dates, locations so be as specific as you can. Give us a way to reply and follow up.

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